Small vintage planters made of cardboard boxes chips

Out of cardboard tubes, in which the notorious Packed chips, you can create a lot. For example, cute little pots in the style of shabby chic.

Маленькое кашпо своими руками из картонки, оставшейся от чипсов

For crafts you will need a cylindrical piece of cardboard, the remaining lover of Pringles potato chips, thick cardboard for crafts, black (also dark brown) and white paint, brush paint, glue, a piece of unbleached linen, a piece of lace.


1. Cut off the top edge of the cardboard to your desired height.

2. Cut the cardboard into narrow strips (1 cm wide) and mount them vertically close to each other on the box.

Маленькое кашпо своими руками из картонки, оставшейся от чипсов

3. First paint the box (carefully) into the black (or dark brown) color, and then (casually!) in white. So you will receive round box vintage view, which will be very similar to made of narrow painted boards.

4. On a wide stripe linen fabric lace tab and glue the fabric with lace on the edge of the box as shown in photo.

In the resulting vintage planters you can put any small pot with flowers and artificial flowers to pin (place the pots in a piece of foam to stick the flowers tightly to each other).

By the way, this planter can also be used for home-made topiary, bouquet of dried flowers. Well, to put fresh flowers in the pots in small glass or plastic Cup with water.

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