How to tie a long scarf on two needles

When it comes to a long scarf, the question arises: how to link, if the needle is short, all loops do not fit on it. The option remains for knitting a scarf in length when we recruit spokes loops across the width of the product, but in this case, our scarf is pulled as the «gut», the pattern is along the scarf, eventually the product turns into a kind of «pipe» or tube of stretched edges.

Как связать длинный шарф на двух спицах

If you want to see that sort of scarf, you can tie this way, but sometimes you want to surprise everyone with an unusual pattern, and to recreate in all its glory, you need a lot of loops, according to the principle «the more, the better». Enter the loop across product, as they say, horizontally. In this way knitted scarves openwork, aircraft that are placed on the shoulders in the premises or wrapped around the neck of a fluffy boulder. In the end, this product aims to combat others on the spot with grace and beauty.

With thin threads, you can do this way: put on the ends of the clips from the rubbers which themselves and will cut off from stationery eraser. For this purpose it is necessary to divide the eraser on a thin strip in width of 2-3 mm, stick it on the end of the spokes, so that the elastic didn’t slip under pressure, it is better to make it thicker, then it tight as he spoke. So you can implement the product from 2000-2500 loops with a thread of medium thickness, mohair, wool, acrylic. Product length will be about one and a half meters, it’s 70-75 centimeters on one side, almost to his waist, the scarf will look a bit short, but for jackets or jacket fits.

When you need to make the product even longer, use circular needles, they can recruit up to 800 loops, scarf length goes almost to the floor on one side. This product are in two, three turns. The principle of knitting a simple loop around the circle is not closed, and, after reaching the end, returning on the reverse side back.

Minus knitting back and forth on circular needles in that they are difficult to be mounted on the needle, as it is not available for this type of knitting. To make it easier to push the loop on the needle with the fishing line, you should knit a little weaker than calculated for this number of spokes. For example: you need to thread 300 meters per 100 grams needle 3 mm thick, you take a 3.5 and knit as fluently as 4 room. If prilovchilis, is a flat canvas.

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