What are the properties of Aronia

Many shrubs have long benefit to the person and loved them. Cherries, almonds, cherry and others used by confectioners, perfumers and healers. Its place among the useful plants is rightfully and chokeberry. Delicious fruit, a pleasant aroma and healing properties made it a favorite of many children and adults.

Какие свойства у черноплодной рябины

In the wild, this shrub grows in North America. There he is very tall (3 meters) wide crown. The fruits are small and tasteless, and produces a lot of shoots. Interested in Aronia (Aronia mountain ash), I. V. Michurin. He began to conduct experiments on crossbreeding it with other berries, and brought a variety of black chokeberry with large and sweet fruits. Retaining the hardiness of the shrub has become very productive with little care.

Vitamin P in the berries of Aronia is more than other fruits. The content of vitamin C Aronia is in the same row with lingonberries and cranberries. Contained in berries and other vitamins. There are also plenty of trace elements: iodine, iron, copper, fluorine, zinc and boron.

Aronia is recognized as official medicine, it is proved that its berries lower blood pressure, prevent the atherosclerosis, relieve allergic reactions, help in diabetes.

Even healthy people can use the berries to cleanse the body and restore sleep and appetite.

Chokeberry freeze, dry, make fruit drinks and juices, cook jam. It goes well with currants and rose hips.

Fans of Aronia cook out the marmalade, making brandy and wine, even invented raisins from Rowan. But the most useful to eat every day for a few pieces of fresh berries.

For treatment use not only the berries but also the leaves. They are dried in a ventilated area in the shade or in the dryer at 60 degrees. Dried raw materials are best stored in paper bags not more than two years. The leaves can be brewed tea. It is very tasty and flavorful.

Delicious berries and early autumn after ripening, but after frost the flavor is even better.

The Aronia is and contraindications. Its berries it is undesirable to eat (especially in large quantities) hypotension patients, with varicose veins, high acidity of the stomach and gastritis, constipation and ulcers, increased blood clotting. Self-medication is always dangerous, especially in case of unclear diagnosis. The berries of the mountain ash useful, you need to consult with your doctor.

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