How to choose the e-book reader?

Many people face the problem of eye fatigue when reading text documents on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Technology «electronic ink», implemented in the newest e-readers from leading manufacturers, helps to get rid of this problem.

Как выбирать букридер?

Paper edition uncomfortable to wear. Easy and simple to use device e-book reader – a whole library in your bag or pocket. Let’s take for consideration the e-book any popular brand. E-ink E-ink protect your eyes. Besides the e-book reader has a high contrast display. Even after hours of reading an ebook, you will not feel pain in the head or fatigue.

E-book with touch screen, the most comfortable and functional, unlike their keypad counterparts. Foreign language and literature will be fine to be perceived with the touch screen e-reader. You can do highlighting and notes in text. And reading of fiction will approach and budget the e-book reader.

Now a few words about formats. A good «reader» is required to accept the following formats: djvu, txt, pdf, fb2, html. And then you probably won’t need to convert documents. Lighter and more compact than the will be your the e-book reader, the better. Suitable six-inch gadget weighing up to 150 g.

Modern the e-book reader is already multi-functional electronic system. With many additional features, it can surf the Internet, listen to favorite songs, shoot videos and take pictures, therefore additional functions are reflected in the cost of the device.

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