How to handle the greenhouse

Greenhouse is a structure that is designed for growing heat-loving and water-loving crops. But as we know, high temperature and humidity — satellite all kinds of diseases, so to avoid plant death in the greenhouse, it is necessary to handle the design and the soil in it.

Чем обработать теплицу

How to handle greenhouse polycarbonate after the winter

In General, greenhouse polycarbonate must be processed in the fall before frost, but if you do, that prevention work can be undertaken directly after snow melt (in a Midland of Russia is March-April). First, remove the remains of the old plant: the foliage of horticultural crops, weeds and roots. Remove collected waste from the greenhouse, possibly burn it. Some gardeners use the compost from the foliage to the soil, and if you decide to make the soil more fertile, keep in mind that compost can only be used after aging for three years.

After garbage collection, you can start processing the frame. First wash the design with soap solution (you can use any means that does not contain abrasive particles, but preferably more than regular Laundry soap). Rinse all water. As greenhouse polycarbonate can scratch easily, then when laundering, do not use hard brushes, particularly metal.

To harvest you each year happy, need annually the soil in the greenhouse change: remove 10 inches of soil and add fresh. If the height of the beds allows, then just pour the new earth (compost) over the last year and all percapita. After creating the raised beds spill their drug Baikal M-1 (100 ml per bucket of water). For three to five days before transplanting and once again apply the soil with the solution, and sprinkle them inside the greenhouse.

To get rid of pests, make okurivanie greenhouses sulfuric sword. To do this, lubricate all metal parts with grease greenhouses, set fire to the piece (or several pieces(depending on the size of the greenhouse)) on any stand, immune to fire, having closed all the gaps in the greenhouse. Quickly leave the structure. Corruption checkers will be no more than an hour, however after this time in any case not ventilate the structure, and wait at least a day.

Than to treat the greenhouse in the spring against pests and diseases

Processing of the greenhouse from all sorts of pests is one of the most important stages before transplanting the seedlings. If you have a small greenhouse, for ground use boiling water (at least five litres of boiling water per square meter).

If you live in the southern region of Russia, then arrange pathogens «wet sauna». Liberally pour the soil, then more seal the greenhouse and leave for a week. Over time air.

The easiest way pest control in a greenhouse is the replacement of the soil. Remove 8-10 inches of soil, but instead make manure or compost, percapita beds.

For the decontamination of soil (and the frame of the greenhouse) can be used for this purpose drugs. If the soil is acidic, then populate it with the bleach solution. Effectively cope with all kinds of pathogens a solution of copper sulfate. If in last season the plants contracted some particular disease, then be sure to treat the soil with a preparation from this disease. Naturally, the processing chemicals are to be held in the fall or right after the snow melts. If you missed the deadlines handling chemicals, use folk remedies, for example, decontaminate the soil with an infusion of garlic, or onion skin. Perhaps, like infusions not as effective as purchased drugs, but in naturalness you don’t have to doubt.

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