Anti-wrinkle serum BrilliUp: how it works, what it costs and where to buy, reviews

Age creases, poor skin tone on the face and chin due to environment and poor nutrition cause constant worry of women. How to cope with defects of the skin, replenish collagen «reserves» and to look younger? Anti-wrinkle serum BrilliUp will help to smooth out deep wrinkles, smooth complexion, will make invisible «facial mesh». Affordable price and availability of Brillia, ease of use and efficiency comparable to hardware procedures, this unique anti-wrinkle cream ideal for skin care.

How much is

The high content of collagen, silicones, and parabens, present in most commercially available cosmetic lifting serums, undoubtedly, have a high efficiency in the fight against wrinkles. The main disadvantages of most is the emergence of «addiction» of the skin from regular use of firming creams, thinning of individual sections of the epidermis. Another important factor is the high price of popular brand lifting serum.

A distinctive feature of BrilliUp is a reasonable price, the opportunity to order the cream «without leaving home», as well as natural herbal ingredients that form the basis of the lifting formula. To avoid the machinations of unscrupulous middlemen with inflated cost, overdue item, or, at all, with poor quality fake that will help order from an authorized representative of the manufacturer. Price serum BrilliUp for residents of the Russian Federation ranges from 990 rubles inclusive of free delivery.

Where to buy

Buy BrilliUp you will be able distributors the manufacturer of this innovative cream from wrinkles with instant effect. Filling out the order form on the official website or by calling the hotline, you will not only be the owner of Brillia cream, and get a free consultation with a professional cosmetologist. Order and buy the Express whey is possible in the majority of Russian cities: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Ekaterinburg and etc.

Advantages lifting serum BrilliUp

The unique formula of «instant lifting» BrilliUp affects the skin areas most affected from lack of elastin and lost elasticity. Thanks to quick action, in 5 minutes you will get rid of the traces of fatigue or lack of sleep on his face. Perfect cream Bryllup for applying as a base under makeup. The UV filters in the serum will protect from harmful sun rays, while the rich mineral content (thanks to the extracts of herbs and plants) will fill the balance of trace elements and accelerate the metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layer.

The lifting effect

A distinctive feature of BrilliUp is fast – within 3-5 minutes smoothing out minor defects of the face. Thanks to effectivealternative, traces of sleepless nights, fatigue or lack of fluid in the epidermis disappear. Activating metabolic processes, the serum «starts» the mechanism of regeneration of the skin, removing dead cells and excess activity of the sebaceous glands. According to responses of buyers, the regular use of BrilliUp within two months tightens the facial contours, smoothes wrinkles by 70%, improves skin condition in 90% of cases.

Mechanism of action

Anti-wrinkle serum Brillia is designed to care for skin exposed to age-related changes. The most impressive results were observed in women aged 30 to 40 years. Having the Express function of lifting, BrilliUp keeps the wrinkle smoothing effect within 5-8 hours after application. Prolonged use of work on «funded pensions», performing the functions of moistening, smoothing, exfoliation of the skin. Consider the mechanism of action serum for face lift BrilliUp:

  • you will cause the skin in order, getting rid of wrinkles, under eye circles and small blemishes on the face;
  • moisturizing ingredients of cucumber extract, aloe Vera in a cream brillia will restore the water balance;
  • algae extract and Echinacea will accelerate the metabolic function of the epidermis, giving firmness to the skin;
  • Hypo-allergenic properties of whey BrilliUp confirmed by certificate of quality and clinical trials, will not cause irritation;
  • in daylight and when illuminated in the evening, skin will look smooth and velvety.


When designing a unique formula of whey from wrinkles BrilliUp producers used the advances and developments of the leading European cosmetologists, dermatologists, as well as the experience of doctors, herbalists around the world uses herbal therapy to maintain youth, beauty and health. In the cream Brillia includes:

  1. Italians. The patented innovative formula of the main component of whey BrilliUp developed by the French company ECOCERT. Consists of two interacting plant compounds that provide a lifting effect: resin acacia Senegal and natural biopolymers formed in the roots of sunflower by pathogens. It is this component of Brillia provides the effect of collagen fillers when applying serum from wrinkles.
  2. The extract of the leaves of aloe Barbadensis.The antioxidant properties of the plant is effective in combating free radicals, and the presence of natural UV filters protects the skin from direct sunlight. Cream Brillia has anti-inflammatory properties thanks to the aloe leaf juice, reduces the signs of acne, reduces inflammation of the skin.
  3. Seaweed extract. Property with sea algae to tighten the skin, smoothing wrinkles and roughness on the face, widely used in home cosmetology for preparation of masks with their hands. Manufacturers BrilliUp successfully «connected» other active components of the cream with an extract of the inhabitants of the seas and oceans, achieving excellent lifting effect by regenerating epidermal cells.
  4. Juice concentrate of cucumber. Hydration and nutrition, maintaining a healthy complexion and skin tone provides an extract of cucumber as part of Brillia.
  5. Centella asiatica (Gotu Kola). This plant, according to Ayurvedic medicine, is a natural means of rejuvenating the body. By stimulating the production of elastin, improving the synthesis of collagen fibers of the subcutaneous layer, Centella composed BrilliUp is responsible for the acquisition of elasticity, good skin tone, cell regeneration.
  6. Extract of Echinacea angustifolia. Being antiseptic, the plant extract in the composition of Brillia cream promotes rapid healing of microRNAs and cracks in the delicate areas of the face, and immune-boosting properties prevent skin aging.

The use of the cream BrilliUp

Before applying the cream, clean the skin with special tools, after removing makeup and washing up with warm running water. To maximize the effect, apply a few drops of serum Brillian places that require delicate and careful maintenance – the nasolabial folds, wrinkles on the forehead and RUB gently with the fingertips. Wait 3 to 5 minutes. Then spread of another «portion» of BrilliUp on the surface of the face. After a few minutes the serum is absorbed, and you will be able to apply makeup on a smooth, beautiful and firm skin.

Real reviews about serum for face lift BrilliUp

The abundance of reviews on women’s forums (both positive and negative) about cream Williamswatertown about the popularity and high demand for the product. How effective the tool? Of course, to replace expensive hardware procedures, «injections of beauty» BrilliUp not. However, with minimum side properties, attractive price and high efficiency, anti-wrinkle serum – option to deal with the first signs of aging skin without painful injections or the scalpel of a plastic surgeon.

Reviews doctors

Anna Sergeevna, doctor of medicine

When using serum BrilliUp my clients at home can say «cumulative» effect. In 9 of 10 cases, regular use of the cream during the month parotid okologubnaya reduce the depth of wrinkles by 70%, tighten facial contours and evens out skin tone. Ladies over 30 who wish to look younger, I recommend to buy the serum BrilliUp as an effective means to cope with the first signs of aging.

Ilya K., a dermatologist

I want to confirm the reality of the claimed properties of hypoadiponectinemia. Many patients suffering from rash on the face or reacts negatively to chemical ingredients of many creams of famous brands, noted that the use of serum from wrinkles BrilliUp does not cause irritation or staining on the face. So, buying the original cream, can be at ease in his natural composition.

Customer reviews

Eugenia, 29 years old

The first wrinkles began to appear in 25 years. Tried a variety of funds on expensive and not very prices. Opted for Brillia. Buy a facility persuaded a friend: she was attracted by the opportunity to buy the cream for the price with 50% discount. Excellent effect and lifted skin after a night gatherings at the cottage did BrilliUp my favorite cream.

Anna, 37 years

Loved the cream BrilliUp who bought and brought my aunt with a foreign holiday. Refreshed face and lifted skin on the chin, face said and the girls at work, and husband. The only thing that concerns when will it end, will I be able to buy an original version, not to run into forgery.

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