Swordplay seedlings of tomatoes

Пикировка рассады томатов

To get the harvest to the envy of neighbors, it is necessary to know how to swordplay seedlings of tomatoes. This should be done on time, because lost time or Vice versa early transplantation will not help growth, but will slow down the development of seedlings.

Why do I need to swordplay seedlings?

Not everyone, especially novice gardeners, it is clear, why is swordplay seedlings of tomatoes and how to do it correctly if necessary. This is required in order to give young plantlets a new powerful impetus to the development of the root system. Because at a certain point the nutritional value of the soil where seeds have been planted, falls, the volume capacity is already insufficient for the full branching roots, which means it’s time to improve the growing conditions of future tomatoes.

It is noticed that once the plants have changed your small flat to a spacious house, part of the ground literally becomes stronger, greener and healthier. This means that the swordplay was carried out correctly, without damaging the root system and seedlings received a great incentive for intensive growth.

The timing of the picking of tomatoes

The most basic in swordplay is timely. Because if you do it very early, when only the spine is weak, then the gap in growth guaranteed, it’s not at all what is expected from the pick. So it is with late transplantation. The root system has grown, the plants intertwined with each other and injuries are provided.

For dwarf and medium height tomato on one swordplay, which should be carried out 10-12 days, or as negotiated by experienced gardeners from the moment of occurrence of pairs of true leaves. If this time is missed, the roots being injured more.

The second pick of tomato seedlings is conducted for tall varieties, and make it necessary for three weeks after the first. Tolerance on one side or the other in 1-2 days, but no more.

Is it possible to grow tomato seedlings without picks?

Some of us remember mom or grandmother grew seedlings on the window sills in wooden boxes without any picks, and planted Mature plants already in the garden, having a great harvest. Yes, to grow tomatoes this way, but for that, they would need to sow rows sparsely, and after emergence of seedlings to break through, leaving room for the development of the root system in width.

The rules for picking of tomatoes

Before you begin to swordplay, you should thoroughly water the containers with seedlings. But this should be done not immediately before the transfer, and the day before. In this case, the soil is moderately moist, and roots will not break while removing them from the ground with a lump of soil.

So as not to damage the root system is necessary to capture as much of the earth. Ideally this would be using a tea spoon or sticks from ice cream. Container, which transplanted the plant should be at least a pint, if you plan one transshipment.
The soil is of an appropriate size hole, which descends with earthen roots. Carefully compact the soil around the plant with your fingers, without pressing too hard. After picking the plants watered on the following day.

Пикировка рассады томатов

Swordplay growing of tomato seedlings

Sometimes it happens so that the spring is too long, it’s still too cold for planting tomatoes in open ground and the seedlings are already as dense forest and continues to grow, stretching itself out in length. In this case, to suspend its growth before the warm days will help swordplay with the length of the Central spine by two-thirds.

The fact is that any damage to the root system needs time to recover, during which the ground part is delayed in growth that is required in this case.


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