Nephrosclerosis of the kidneys — what it is, the outcome of the disease

Нефросклероз почек - что это такое, исход заболеванияThe majority of patients facing a diagnosis of «nephrosclerosis kidney», I don’t know what it is. Under this violation in medicine is commonly understood as a pathological process in which there is replacement of renal parenchyma by connective tissue. This phenomenon leads to the so-called «shrinkage» of the body, adversely affecting its functioning.

What types of this disease are commonly distinguished?

Depending on the mechanism of development, doctors usually adhere to the following classification of nephrosclerosis:

  • Primary – develops as a result of the disturbance of the blood supply to the kidney (predominantly observed in hypertension, atherosclerosis).
  • Secondary – existing accompanies diseases of the kidneys (nephritis, congenital anomaly of kidney, etc.).
  • How to manifest nephrosclerosis?

    The problem of timely start of the therapeutic process at this violation lies primarily in difficult, and sometimes impossible, early diagnosis of the disease.

    As a rule, of a violation patients learn after passed examination. The changes primarily observed in the urine (nocturia, protein, erythrocytes, reduction in the density of urine, etc.). Clinical symptoms only become apparent over time: the puffiness of the face, arms, legs, impaired urination.

    As the treatment of nephrosclerosis of the kidneys?

    Therapeutic interventions, if such breach is not always carried out in a hospital environment. Usually, hospitalization is required in severe cases, with the development of renal failure or the formation of malignant tumors.

    The mainstay of treatment consists of antihypertensive and diuretic drugs, which are designed to relieve the kidneys. Patients are recommended to adhere to a special diet, restricting salt and protein in the diet. Carry out regular monitoring of the kidneys work over time (measured daily urine periodically perform ultrasounds).

    What are the consequences of the disease?

    Нефросклероз почек - что это такое, исход заболеванияTelling that this is a nephrosclerosis of the kidneys, how it is treated, it is necessary to tell and about the outcome of this disease.

    Often the disease leads to decompensated arterial hypertension, which resulted in developing:

    • strokes;
    • a malfunction in the left ventricle of the heart;
    • atrophy of the optic nerve (rarely blindness), retinal detachment.

    With long-term untreated, develops chronic renal failure, requiring hemodialysis.


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