Is it possible to baptize a baby during lent?

Можно ли крестить ребенка в Великий пост?In the Orthodox tradition, to which belong the majority of the domestic moms and dads, baptism of a baby is a very important event, meaning how would the second, the spiritual birth of the crumbs. Usually parents are preparing for it very carefully, choosing godparents who will continue to instruct their child in the Orthodox faith. Baptism is one of the seven sacraments of the unseen. Christians believe that the baby is immersed three times into the font, calling for protection of the most Holy Trinity, dying to live, full of sin and purified for eternal life in God, getting his own guardian angel.

But sometimes a child is born shortly before a light holiday – Easter, or for some reason you need to perform this ceremony just before this date. And then the question arises: is it possible to baptize a baby during lent? Many parents, not perfectly familiar with the religious rites, I believe that we should do so. So let us consider this question.

Whether the baptism of a baby in this period?

If you hesitate and don’t know whether can they be inchurched crumbs before Easter, it is best to go to the nearest Church and ask the local priest. Most likely, answering the question of whether to baptize your child in lent, he will tell you the following:

  • It is customary to baptize the child on the fortieth day after the birth. Of course, it is permissible to do it earlier or later, but better still to comply with these deadlines that your son or daughter is not left without spiritual protection. Therefore, if this date falls on lent, baptism is not only possible, but necessary. Besides a strict ban on the execution of this rite in these days, so in the Church you are unlikely to fail in carrying out the ordinances.
  • Although baptism during lent is quite common, it is sometimes impossible for technical reasons. In many churches during this period they baptize only on Saturday and Sunday. This is because the weekday Lenten worship services too long, so the intervals between morning and evening service small. Thus, the priest may simply not have time to hold a ceremony, and it is unlikely that the parents will want it to be carried out in a hurry. Furthermore, baptism is usually performed after the divine Liturgy, on weekdays ends late. Not everyone who wants to attend the ceremony, will be able to stand it, and according to the canons needed.
  • Although the answer to the question of whether to baptize during lent, be positive, think carefully, are you ready and future godparents to certain restrictions. Indeed, in pre-Easter period, the Church does not approve of noisy feasts and drinking. It is in the post should avoid all excesses, turn our thoughts from the mundane to the spiritual and repent of my sins. So you have to discard too funny mark and limited to a quiet dinner with the closest.
  • Можно ли крестить ребенка в Великий пост?Special requirements at this time are shown to the godfather. They will become spiritual guides of the baby in this world, so they must confess and take communion. It is also advisable to visit several conversations at the temple in order to understand better assume responsibility.
  • Baptism during lent and does not negate the traditional rules that should be followed in the temple. Women wear long skirts or dresses and cover their heads with a scarf, all attendees are required to wear the crosses, and the female should not be monthly. Naturally, during the ceremony should be quiet and not Express their emotions violently.


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