Whitebait — the benefits and harms

Тюлька - польза и вред

So, whitebait is a small fish which inhabits the seas of Russia. In appearance it somewhat resembles the sprat, the same small. However, it can be distinguished by a characteristic, only for sprat, broad and short head shape and splyusnuta body. In human nutrition whitebait can bring both benefit and harm.

Useful properties of sprat

In this small marine fish comprises a large amount of nutrients and useful minerals. The content of calcium is not inferior to large marine fish. Essential fatty acids contained in the whitebait, saturate the body, bringing him benefit. So it’s not necessary to buy expensive red fish in order to get the necessary amount of nutrients.

Also in this little fish contains iodine, and phosphorus, the last of them helps the calcium to be better absorbed in the body.

In addition, whitebait is a low-calorie product, 100 gram weight has only 90 kcal.

According to its beneficial properties, this fish is an indispensable food product, which must necessarily include in your diet. Due to high content of saturated fatty acids the body gets the benefit of avoiding the risk of premature aging.

It is important to remember that for people of an older age and women for more complete saturation of the essential amino acids you need to eat whitebait with the skin. It was there that Тюлька - польза и вредcontains the highest amount of saturated amino acids.

Here are some highlights, useful than whitebait, and now a little about the dangers.

The harm lies in the way of its preparation, for example in salted or smoked sprat no good. It will contain a decent amount of salt, and abuse in such fish do not need, especially people suffering from diseases of the heart and kidneys.

Therefore, in order to achieve maximum benefit by eating sprat you must prepare it steamed, boiled or baked form.


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