Facial massage: types and techniques with video tutorials

The condition of the skin on the face and neck the woman says about her age, the problems of the body, toward yourself. Facial massage at home, properly chosen cream for every day and professional help in carrying out specialized procedures will contribute to the excellent state of mind and body.

How useful facial massage

Facial massage is designed to maintain skin tone. Properly performed, the impact on the upper skin is able to improve metabolic metabolism. During the physical contact of the hands on the face are removed by the rough elements, improves the supply of nutrients and oxygen to healthy cells, improving the quality of action of cosmetic products. The skin becomes more elastic, smooth facial wrinkles. The procedure can simulate the contours of the face women.

How to do self-massage face at home

Technique of facial massage is to skin using kneading, stroking, vibration and rubbing. While respecting techniques for massaging your head and neck without experiencing discomfort and discomfort and every muscle on the front part of the body and neck relaxes. The fibrous cover is recommended to use along with the exposed areas of the face and neck. The procedure has a number of contraindications, which you must read before performing a self-massage.

Massage technique

There are a few simple rules of the classical manual massage, the implementation of which guarantees the positive effect of the procedure and obtaining physical pleasure. Massaging the facial skin by hand has a soothing, relaxing effect and vacuum massage banks – medical. At home to do the procedure from 10 to 30 minutes.

Classic manual

During the classical manual massage main task – to qualitatively study the muscle structure of the face. Aiming to remove the accumulated stress, relaxing massage better to do with soft music playing in the twilight. The soothing effect will bring scented candles with your favorite scent. Before procedure it is necessary to clean the skin from makeup, apply a special oil. All movements should be smooth, with the correct direction.


To practice vacuum facial massage can not own more than 1 time a week. This massage is working on deeper layers of the epidermis, improves the power, the capillary network of the skin, helps to fight wrinkles, smoothing them. The main rules of successful procedure are as follows: clean the skin, sterile jars, a large number of special funds. After the cupping massage, the oil must be removed. Perform vacuum smoothing is possible only to the warmed skin. Types of cupping effects:

  • Static therapeutic massage carried out by banks with a larger area on the cheeks, forehead and chin. The adaptation put to a surface of the face, lightly sucked the skin at 5 seconds, move the jar to the next site. The delicate skin around the nose, eyes and mouth not to touch.
  • Dynamic massage is performed by banks with a diameter of 3 cm. Every movement comes from the centre of the face to the edge. When exposed to thin areas of skin, perhaps unwanted tension, it is to be feared. To the place of contact banks and the body rushes the blood, possible bruising in the morning.

Diagram of facial massage

Scheme cosmetic massage of the face shows the direction of movement of the hands during the session at home and beauty salons. Action should be smooth, not to hurt. The effectiveness effects on the body is reduced in case of improper effect on the skin. The procedure is performed in several stages. After preparing the skin, there occurs an active effect. Start massaging the face need bottom, from the chin, then turning to the area of the cheeks, nose, temporal area, forehead.

How often should I massage

Massaging face preferably carried out at least once a week. At home a woman can have this procedure yourself every day (except vacuum cupping effect). Professional massage is a course of 7-10 sessions. After that is a break for 2-3 months. Between sessions it is necessary to use high-quality means to care for skin.

How do the massage in the salon

Professional modeling massage is significantly different from the self, performs his beautician with knowledge of medical foundations and service regulations. Relax by performing massaging your own hands, is difficult. In the beauty effect of the procedure is much higher. Specialized tools and lotions from a professional employee is much higher than the domestic, such drugs are much deeper and harder.

The choice of oil and massage cream for the face

Use a cream or massage oil during the procedure medically necessary. Choose the tool depending on the skin type. Dry the fabric involves the use of creams are more oily consistency, which can include avocado oil, olive, seaweed, grape seed extract. For oily skin the necessary means watery with chamomile extract, tea tree leaves, calendula, fruit acid. Before use, carefully read the description of the cream and its composition, try on a small area of skin.

Videos facial massage to prevent wrinkles

Photos before and after the massage


Olga, 25 years old

I go on reception to the beautician every month, perform mechanical cleaning of the face and a relaxing massage. Supporting and lifting procedures do not even need me. As home care use drugstore creams and cleansers. Make homemade scrub: grind coffee bean, sometimes include honey component. Friends say that I look good, I thank them for that.

Maria, 32 years

The credibility of the salons I have, therefore, all cosmetic procedures do at home. Like cupping facial massage. Peels and masks to make own love of natural products. The result is always pleasing – a visible improvement of the skin. To cosmetologists, do not go, because you can’t control the disinfection apparatus. The price of services, in my opinion, exorbitantly high.

Daria, 58 years

My age allows for natural aging and withering of the skin. Modern cosmetology can offer a wide range of services for the maintenance and recovery of the external integument, and I am very happy. Resorted to surgery. Home every night, doing hand massage. Vacuum effect with the use of cans is not suitable for me – the vessels are too close to the skin. Pass courses of professional care every six months.

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