Smokey ice for green eyes: how to make easy daily makeup step by step

In the last couple of years has become increasingly popular in neutral soft makeup in Nude style, under which the eyes are only lightly highlighted with brown pencil and bright shades. However, evening makeup still dictates the rules, and one of the common techniques – Smokey eye «Smokey ice» that you can do any color.

How to make a beautiful makeup Smokey ice for green eyes

This technique is not too complicated, but girls have to get the hand to apply eyeliner easily and quickly. The essence of this technique is to delineate with a pencil the upper and lower eyelids to highlight the dark shadows of the outer corner of the eye and to smudge color around the eyelid, making it all lighter. Classic makeup Smokey ice is done in black and grey tones (the name of the technique translates as «smoky eyes»), but no worse than he looks in the colored versions.

The choice of color eyeshadow for green eyes

A couple of years ago in the rules of makeup revolution. Our mothers were sure that the eyeshadow you need to choose according to eye color (i.e. blue – blue, grey – grey, etc.). Modern fashion encourages us to emphasize the beauty of the eye shadows contrasting shades:

  1. Everyday makeup Smokey ice for expressive green eyes will look great, if you make it in brown and Golden bronze tones.
  2. Blondes perfect shade of gray, but it is important that they are matched with the overall color appearance.
  3. Many green-eyed girls perfect cosmetics for eyes in lilac-purple tones.
  4. A bold idea to perform the make-up Burgundy, red or wine-colored shadows. Pale girls this option is ideal in the evening.
  5. Green eyes don’t look good framed in blue, blue, pinkish shadows.

For gray-green eyes

Often these eyes are blond or light redhead girls. For their looks, fit, soft contrasts, so an interesting option is to make Smokey ice in the combination of dark brown-Burgundy (corner of eyes) and light powdery shadows. This solution is suitable even for every day: eyes will have a «cozy» depth. A little secret: use a matte shadow with no shimmer and pearl. In addition, it will look attractive combination of the same powder shadow with a dark shade of khaki.

For blondes with green eyes

These girls are different transparent color and lightness appearance. The main thing is not to overload their face is too dark or bright makeup. Will look good Smokey ice, made with light-gray shadows. You can add on the eyelid a little sirenevogo or pink hue. Perfect matte brown color. However, you must remember that Smokey ice for green-eyed blondes – it is rather an evening variant.

For evening and wedding makeup

Two situations in which women must wear fancy dress, considerably differ from each other in the selection of cosmetics. Wedding makeup is traditionally performed in light, pastel colours, therefore, if you decide to do Smokey ice, better stick to matte brown and grey shadows. Valid reliable combination with a light-pink powder base to eyelids. This color will make the brides face on the wedding day, especially fresh and tender.

Evening make-up allows you to make original experiments with cosmetics. Brave decision to make smoky ice to bright green eyes in a red and Burgundy shades. This trend came to the podium in 2015 and loved by many. Red goes well with green, but the prerequisite make – up- don’t forget the black eyeliner to the eyelids, otherwise the eye will appear tired and filled with tears. Don’t experiment unless you’re sure the freshness of your face.

Red hair

The combination of red hair with green eyes for centuries was considered particularly attractive in the books described the fascinating beauties and legends of witches. But the main problem is the green-eyed girls is that they are not perfect two-thirds of the fashion trends, they always have to have your own head on your shoulders. For example, for redheads with green eyes (and, as a rule, pale transparent skin) the perfect solution is a Golden-bronze Smokey eyes.

The circuit you need to select brown (not black!) pencil or eyeliner in the corner of the bronze shade to shade, and all over the eyelid to cover with a thin layer of Golden-beige. This makeup will give your eyes a special glow. Also redheads girls can experiment with shades of khaki. Will be interesting Smokey ice, in which the area is highlighted bright dark emerald shadows, and eyelid – powder.

Dark hair

For brunettes with green eyes, which was pretty Scarlett from the famous book, better suited option bold Smokey ice, made in purple, lilac or mauve tones. With their help you can create almost demonic, otherworldly image. If you want to experiment with bright colors, good shadow color of coffee with milk, bronze or gold. Gray colors are best avoided: the shape of the majority of brunettes too bright for them.

For daytime makeup

The main rule of everyday mejk-APA – avoid excessive contrast combinations and unusual textures (shimmer, pearl). Daytime Smokey ice may not be quite appropriate, especially if you work in an organization with a strict dress code. If you really want to highlight the eyes, choose neutral shades of coffee with milk or khaki. From pencil eyeliner or eyeshadow can be dispensed with. Often in sets offer at once two dark shades. Matt goes for daytime makeup, a sparkly for evening.

Step by step smoky eyes

To learn how to do «smoky» makeup is not difficult. You need a few lessons in front of a mirror and study the corresponding photo. Follow the steps below:

  1. Trace the outline in black or other dark pencil (brown, Burgundy, purple).
  2. Stonerose all eyelid shades light shade.
  3. The sharp end of the brush, apply on the outer corner of the dark shade, blend thoroughly. Don’t forget about the lower lashes. The transition between the shades should not be pronounced.
  4. Coat lashes with mascara.

Video: green Smokey ice

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