How to raise a child-Lefty

Somehow in our country there is a prejudice against those people who are all carved with the left hand. Maybe it’s a legacy of the USSR, when left-handed children by force was retrained to write with his right hand. But whether it is a child?

Как воспитывать ребенка-левшу

What is the cause of left-handedness?

Sometimes it’s congenital, but often manifests at the age, when baby begins to talk, aware of yourself and the world around us, that is, when actively working the left hemisphere. In 3 years the child begins to take the spoon with the left hand, thus beginning a completely different life.

Left-handers are more emotional, gifted, sensitive. Often such children grow up to be talented artists, musicians. They are more motivated, persistent and insistent. It will probably help them to find a place in life.

Than harmful «reeducation»?

In the USSR the training of left-handed children were by violent methods: the left arm tied to the body, children beaten and abused. Was psychological pressure, when they were saying that they are flawed. The result is a great psychological trauma, allergies, stuttering and stuff. Today do not apply such methods. Your task is to demonstrate to the child that he is special.

Tips for parents.

Consider the heightened emotionality of the child is left-handed, be friendly with him.

Emerging conflicts it is better to bypass, not to push and not to punish.

You cannot oppose child-left-handed right-handed children. It is better to take this characteristic as normal.

For the success and be sure to praise your child.

If the school the child conflicts arise, help him find a way out.

Support it.

We cannot let the child to think he is defective. Demonstrate how much you love him.

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