Open relationship or to stay a single lady with cats for life

Each of you knows, what means the concept of «open relationship». No inhibitions, feelings, actions, and complete freedom, of course, «amorous play». But is it good actually?

Свободные отношения или как остаться одинокой дамой с кошками на всю жизнь

The fact is that nothing just happens. All the pleasures of life sooner or later require a reckoning:

1. You’re in love. Yes, exactly, and if you think that this might be mutual, then nothing like it. Mutual feelings and strong family free from relations previously obtained only in 2-3% of cases. A bit, isn’t it? Now think, what will it feel on hearing: «You make me sick. Let’s finish?».

2. With an incurable disease. What do you want? Your sexual partner free, sex with other girls is not prohibited. Who knows what he pick up?

3. «Life is not that man.» You have finally matured for the family, but suddenly it turns out that your partner and so happy with everything. Why tear down what took so long was built, and to be honest, that did not require much effort? To look for a new lover it’s late, have to settle for what is available.

To save yourself from such unpleasant situations, it’s time to think about whether to waste their life this way. The phrase «in the world of normal men», «I love this man» are fictional, they live only in your head. Have you ever tried to walk down the street smiling and looking around? Practice proved that we just don’t notice anyone, plunging head first into their problems. Be open to the world, and the world will be opened for you!

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