How to tie a scarf, Snood and cowl and crochet patterns for beginners

Needlework can be different: some like to sew, others to knit. What do you prefer? If the latter, then be sure to learn how to tie a scarf. This element of the wardrobe should be everyone, because it can not just warm the cold winter, but also to complement the image of elegant lady or gentleman is impressive. According to the instructions below you will be able to implement one or more of the original scarves.

Model knit fashion scarves with description and schemes of work

Today has gone a long simple scarves made in the front binding. The fashion includes all new varieties of this garment, but binding becomes more difficult. After completing the step-by-step instructions on how to knit a scarf with knitting needles, you will be able to replenish the collection of their belongings such models:

  • scarf-Snood;
  • scarf-collar;
  • women’s tippet;
  • the neck tube;
  • scarf;
  • a male version.

Openwork scarf-the cowl on circular needles

For warmer seasons fishnet shahania fit models of cotton or silk, and not to freeze, it is better to choose a yarn with Angora, acrylic, wool or mohair in the composition. A variation of the scarf is a Snood with some unique features:

  1. Unusual pattern in the form of air brides with elongated loops gives the image originality.
  2. Knitting scarf-Snood is a great replacement set from a separate scarf and hats, because it looks like a solid ring or a ribbon with a clasp at the back.
  3. The pictured scarf is knitted in a circle filigree pattern with mohair soft pink color that makes the accessory more feminine.

How to knit a scarf with knitting needles and a bag for him hook

The scarf, in another eight or bonnet, is gaining its popularity along with coming back into fashion scarves and long scarves hand knitted. It is perfect for a jacket or coat, even an evening dress, if you use thin mohair. In the Middle ages, this element was not part of the wardrobe, and was used to make the pomp hairstyles, now is a set of collar and cap.

If you add the clamp manually associated with a handbag, then the image will be more concise and complete. In addition, this model of scarf is knitted with needles, what can easily handle even a beginner in knitting. Want to replenish your wardrobe in a new way, to stay warm, but to look irresistible – go knitting scarf-clamp and handbags to him using the sample.

Beautiful female tippet knitting volumetric viscous

Knitted on the needles tippet is a great option for any image. It can be silk shawl to the dress or winter scarf if you use wool, as in this case. If you are a beginner, knitting tippet will be good practice for practicing techniques of creating interesting patterns, because live fabric knitting easier, and if you follow the diagram – is to make it even easier.

How to knit a scarf-tube spokes

Tube scarf, as a transformer, capable of performing the function of the scarf with the hat is that it is a little different from the usual cowl. It is specially fit to replace 2 items of clothing. To tie a scarf-a hat, you will need:

  • 480 g of yarn Fauna (70% organic wool. 30% lamb’s wool, Alpaca, 60 m/50 g);
  • hosiery knitting needles, circular No. 7;
  • hook No. 6;
  • 2 spokes for auxiliary purposes.

Technique, how to knit a scarf-pipe, is as follows:

  1. Garter knit fit according to the standard principle 1 of the circular row (next circle. R.) front loops, 1 lap. R. inside-out.
  2. The cable knit pattern has a width of 33 of lines that need to be knit according to the scheme, which shows only the odd rows. Even tally the other way. For the full pattern of circles 1 through 58 needs to perform 1 time, circles 3-58 – 1 times and finish 1-6 in circles.
  3. Below is a procedure of knitting the scarf-pipe.
  4. Take circular needles, dial 126 loops.
  5. Close the loop in the ring, distributing 9 on garter binding, 33 and the pattern of braids.
  6. Knit on the scheme, provatas 14 in row 2 stitches together with purl. Take them in the middle of each piece garter knit. Must remain loop 124.
  7. Then repeat the same procedure 108, 112, 116 and 118 circles. Remains of hinges 116. After 120 of their close circle. R. from the beginning of the binding.
  8. For product Assembly tie both edges 1 to the column without nakida, then 1 circular next to lobster.

Description for knitting men’s scarf and hat lapel c

Hat for men should be simple, but it is possible to emphasize masculinity and strength. This could become a classic model with lapel, suitable for young people and more Mature. Hat warms, takes up little space. It is great for those who don’t like fur. If your partner, husband or son belong to the category of such men associate them with a model of a headdress, but don’t forget the scarf, because he will hide his neck from the wind and creates a complete image.

Description original patterns crochet scarf on the needles

The scarf could stand out not only for its color and form, but also the pattern in which it is associated. The easiest option is garter knit. It is a kind of bilateral patterns, which both sides look attractive. There are other techniques-knit scarves, where generally difficult to decide which of the 2 surfaces it turns out beautiful. In the following instructions you will be able to tie any pattern.

Bilateral patterns

Pattern «knit Garter». The most popular and easy two-way pattern. To run it you should just loop knit facial. To scarf it does not turned out dull, try to make it striped, promazyvaya for several rows in one color and then another. This option is perfect for a child, and if a boy or a girl crazy about Harry Potter, then take a basis of yellow and crimson hues – with their help, you can link two tone scarf, as the pupils of the faculty of Gryffindor. Imagine how your child will be happy.

The pattern shown below is another simple option:

  1. If you do the 3×3 squares of the checkerboard, the number of loops multiple of 3 is accepted, but don’t forget to add 2 more edge.
  2. The number of 1 – edge 1 loop, *3., 3 Phi. *, 1 edge. The complex between the stars promazyvaya until the last loop.
  3. The number 2 and 3 – knit similar to the first.
  4. Number 4 – where the facial loops, purl to knit and Vice versa.

The pattern «Double-diamonds»:

  1. Type in the desired number of loops, but ensure that the number is a multiple of 9.
  2. Row 1 — *2., 5.., 4.* knit until the spokes will not remain 7 loops. Their crochet 5 as Phi. and 2.
  3. Row 2 — *1.., 7. 2 Phi.* promazyvaya to the remaining 8 loops that link how 7. 1 and Phi.
  4. Series 3 – all wrong.
  5. The number 4 is similar to row 2.
  6. Knit row 5 as row 1.
  7. Row 6 — *3 Phi., 3. 6-Phi.* knit to 6 stitches on the needles. Their link how 3. and 3 Phi.
  8. Row 7 — *4., 1 Phi., 8.* — repeat to the last 5 remaining loops that link as a 1 Phi. and 4.
  9. Next, repeat all rows again.

The following pattern is named because of the similarity with grains of rice – «Rice»:

  1. Enter an even number of loops. Link 1 a number of as alternating front and back.
  2. A number of 2 – swap types of loops, i.e. the alternation will have the reverse/obverse. Loops, located one above the other, should not be different for the binding.

Delicate patterns

Using these patterns you can knit the flowers with petals, or other beautiful drawings. Here is one of the easy options – pattern ‘Simple openwork pattern spokes», which consists of the repetition of only 6 loops. Wrong side purl promazyvaetsya only viscous.

To diversify the pattern can the front loop that you want to add between the stitches and are finished together 3 loops. This drawing will be one row more, and he will look a little bigger.

Delicate patterns – a great option for light and airy scarves, including clamps. Another option openwork pattern is the following – «Openwork track»:

  1. The diagram shows how the front and purl rows.
  2. The number of loops must be divisible by 10 with the addition of 7 and 2 of edging.
  3. Crochet edge loop and loop before the report.
  4. Repeating the desired number of reports, finish loops after him and edging.
  5. In the height of the complex repeat of 16 rows.

English knitting and other bands

Conventional elastic for knitting scarves or any other products can be made in a variety of ways. It can be linked not only along the scarf, but also across. To do this, simply repeat the complex series of facial, purl-knit front and again.

Another popular option is an English elastic band, which fit like this:

  1. Enter the loop number which is a multiple of 2.
  2. The number of 1 – edges promazyvaya one edge loop, and the other as alternate obverse/reverse.
  3. A number of 2 – edges of the edge loop, and between them *1 nakida, 1 Phi. without promazyvanija*.
  4. Then repeat everything from the 1 series.

Pattern «Polish gum». It is very similar to the English version. Need to knit in the following way:

  1. The first two rows follow in the form of ordinary rubber bands 2×2.
  2. Series 3 – 1 button, then locate the center of the first report – a front loop, left bordering on wrong. It will need to always knit the front. Following the wrong guide is also facial. Then purl 2 stitches. Continue alternating until the end of the row.
  3. A series of 4 – by defining a Central loop, repeat instructions for the 3rd row. Provyazat several bands, you will see eye-catching Central loop.

Video tutorials of how to knit a scarf knitting for beginners

It often happens that it is difficult to pick out a particular item of clothing. The same applies to the scarf with the hat. Don’t like the color or model, not a length or material. Do not be upset, because to realize the accessory of your dreams you can with your hands, just linking it. Furthermore, knitted items radiate special energy that is associated with home warmth and coziness, especially if the thing is designed to gift a loved one.

Don’t waste your time on empty search shopping model of scarf, a little similar to the one that you imagined. Better go to the yarn store, buy yarn and sit back. How to learn to knit scarf knitting needles? First, determine the style and pattern. Otherwise you will help of diagram and description crochet scarf knitting needles. If you like a more visual recommendations, then view helpful videos below and knit them a scarf like this, I’ve always dreamed of.

How to quickly and easily tie a scarf from ribbon yarn

Master-class-schema knit cowl waffle-knit

Snood-a hood on the head circular knitting needles

The lesson of bilateral crochet children’s scarf with POM-POM

Latest fashion knitted scarves 2016

In 2016, the scarves already taken its place among the vivid details of clothing, complements and accentuates the style. This element of the wardrobe often put on to create a bright accent of the image, making a casual outfit more fashionable. For the combination of jacket and jeans choose a multicolor model, and for the cardigan – solid. The main thing – combine the color of the scarf and clothes, so he gently shaded image, and not competing for attention. Although fans of the experiments can be profitable to play on the contrast, combining black-and-white hood-scarf and bright red coat.

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