How to smooth clothes without iron

Iron — is an indispensable thing in the Arsenal of every housewife, no it is not possible to give the garment a neat appearance. But there are little tricks that will help in his absence!

Как разгладить одежду без утюга

So, what to do if you want to Pat the thing, and iron. Consider several exits from this situation:

  • Smooth out clothes will help the following solution: water, vinegar 9%, the softener. Take all ingredients in equal proportions, mix and pour into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the clothes and wait for complete drying.
  • Properly hang clothes after washing to flatten all the creases (it is best to use soft shoulders).
  • Smooth thing will help couples. Hang clothes over a bathtub with hot water, and steam, rising up to smooth it.
  • Neatly fold the clothes in the closet, and then don’t have to iron. It is best to curtail things with a roller, so there was no breaks (which, by the way, it is difficult to smooth even iron).
  • Use the wet towel, spreading it on a crumpled-up jumper or t-shirt. This method will save the clothes from minor creases.
  • Set on their washing machine mode with maximum spin speed and stuff you will get almost no crumpled. This will greatly facilitate further garments.
  • Flatten desired area on the garment, spreading it on a smooth surface. Then put on something heavy. For example, a large encyclopedia. Under gravity the little wrinkles well smoothed.

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