Why before my period sore Breasts?

Почему перед месячными болят молочные железы?Painful and discomfort in the breast before menstruation usual for the vast majority of women. As a rule, the fair sex are beginning to feel them in about 10-12 days before menstruation and in some cases are experiencing unbearable suffering.

In such a situation, girls often wonder why before menstruation sore Breasts, and whether it is the normal condition of the body or pathology that requires immediate treatment to the doctor.

Why before menstruation starts to hurt your chest?

Normal, approximately 12-14 days after the start of the next menstrual cycle in a woman’s blood occurs a significant rise in the concentration of the hormone estrogen. This is due to the fact that at this time the body of a beautiful lady begins to prepare for a possible pregnancy and subsequent lactation.

Estrogens are localized primarily in adipose tissue, therefore, with the increase in their concentration increases the amount of fatty tissue and mammary glands. The glandular region of the breast is also growing because in the event of pregnancy they will take a lead role in the implementation of lactation.

The fabric which makes up the mammary gland has a lobed structure. Each of the lobules of the female breast, in turn, includes the glandular region, as well as areas of fat and connective tissue. When approximately in the middle of the menstrual cycle is a fatty and glandular region begins to grow rapidly, connective tissue does not have time for them and, as a consequence, is broken, which causes intense pain.

It is this reason why before menstruation very sore and swelling Breasts. In addition, under the influence of changes in the concentration of such hormones as progesterone and prolactin, the female mammary glands swell and negrobeat. Significantly increases the sensitivity of the breast, whereby it begins to react to any external influence. It can also contribute to pain and discomfort, considerably impairing the General condition of women.

Why before menstruation aches only 1 chest?

In rare cases in girls and women before the onset of menstruation it only hurts on one breast. Although this situation may be due to the individual characteristics of a beautiful lady, yet in the vast majority of cases it indicates the presence of a disease such as fibrocystic breast disease.

When this disease happens abnormal growth of tissue from one breast, which requires a detailed survey and control of the doctor. To eliminate the progression of the disease, in the case of pain only in one breast, you should definitely contact the doctor.

Why before menstruation stopped hurting Breasts?

Finally, some of the fair sex suddenly find that they have stopped hurting Breasts before menstruation, although in the past they have always had this unpleasant symptom. Почему перед месячными болят молочные железы?This situation can be a cause for serious concern, because the woman gets used to the flow of certain processes in your body and any changes that were scaring her.

In fact, in most cases nothing to worry about. Such a disappearance of the pain usually indicates normalization of hormonal background or the cure of some diseases of the reproductive system. Meanwhile, sometimes these kinds of changes may indicate the onset of pregnancy, therefore you should probably buy a test.


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