Slicer for home – what to choose?

Ломтерезка для дома – какую выбрать?

Slicer or slicer lately gaining popularity. For those who decide to purchase this device, the question becomes more urgent: what is the slicer for the house to choose?

Features electric slicer

Choosing an electric slicer for the home, it is recommended to pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • the material from which is made circular knife can be ceramic, stainless steel, covered with ceramic coating;
  • sharpening blades of a circular knife may be wavy, which makes working with products of different densities, or direct – is suitable not for all products;
  • the rotational speed of the knife should be adjustable, so as to soft foods need less rpm, and solid – larger;
  • the thickness of the cut pieces can vary from 1 to 17 mm;
  • the power unit – can be from 100 to 200 W;
  • the presence of additional attachments – this will allow you to cut slices of different shapes;
  • the presence of lock accidental activation, which ensures safety during operation.

Note that slicer is not able to handle cutting raw meat, frozen foods and fruits with seeds.

Slicer Zelmer

One of the most popular slicers on the market, is the slicer Zelmer Polish production. It has the following characteristics:

    Ломтерезка для дома – какую выбрать?

  • can cut pieces up to a thickness of 15 mm;
  • the capacity of the device is 200 W;
  • has a tilting desktop to 15 degrees;
  • has a safe system of inclusion;
  • the advantages of the slicer is the presence of a removable knife;
  • the disadvantages of the device falls in an awkward holder.

Thus, having the necessary information about the characteristics of the device, you will be able to choose the slicer for the home.


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