How to make homemade finger theatre

Modern interactive toys do not give the child sufficient space for development, as children’s imagination in play with such toys not being used. For speech development, for entertainment and also for teaching a child to make finger theatre. This mini-dolls that are worn on the fingers, and the child comes up with the game’s plot, voiced toy.

Как сделать домашний пальчиковый театр

You will need

  • — felt
  • — needle
  • — the thread
  • — scissors
  • pencil
  • — handle
  • — thick paper
  • brush
  • — acrylic paint


1. Sewing toys for finger theatre is not difficult. Dolls consisting of just two parts that are sewn together.
To start on the sheet of heavy paper using a pencil, draw the template. Template size proportional to the size of the child, since the toy will have to sit tight on the finger, not loose and don’t squeeze too hard. Cut out the template and will move with the knob on the felt. Cut out two identical parts.

2. You can draw a detail on a sheet of felt, cut out, attach to the sheet, cut around and cut again.
Take the needle and the right thread color: it can be tonal or contrasting felt color.

3. Carefully attach the parts to each other and begin to sew. Do it from the bottom, moving up and down again. It is necessary from the bottom to leave a hole for the thumb. The so-called buttonhole stitch overlock seam. Or any
others to taste.
Thus will make several toys. Using a thin brush with acrylic paints toys drawing eyes. Dry. Now you can put toys on fingers and to start playing.

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