How to learn not to go in children on occasion?

Often when the child’s upbringing the parents have problem children are trying to manipulate them. Some of them are manipulated. What do you do to not be held hostage to the whims of children?

Как научиться не идти у детей на поводу?

Excessive guardianship of the child

If the child does not have any responsibilities, for example, to wash a glass, any request to run an errand (to clean up toys, wash dishes, etc.) the child will respond negatively to nervous, to quarrel with their parents. Tantrums will become a constant reaction. In order to avoid this, you need to see a line and not to cross it, can not be too spoil the child.

Education should take place so that the parental authority was never in doubt. Even if during the games with the child, parents can be gentle and loving when a child needs to perform some duty, it is necessary to be strict. But you can’t raise your voice at the child and swearing, you just need to explain to him that his help is very important.

If the child is throwing tantrums, when parents don’t obey his wishes, you just need not to respond. If the parents immediately begin to please and to praise their child, then the manipulation was a success, and if not will respond to a tantrum, go into another room, the child will cease to be capricious, as he needs the observer. But if the parents fail, the child will be to manipulate them, to put pressure on the pity and get the job done.

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