How to grow ginger at home?

Ginger a native of tropical countries, it is used in cooking, medicine and industry. It is more common in recipes and on store shelves, but many Housewives would like to have it on hand constantly. And it is quite feasible, because knowing a few secrets, ginger can be grown even on the windowsill.

Как вырастить имбирь дома?

How to choose a ginger root and plant it in the right way?

First, you need to go to the store and choose fresh ginger root with buds and shoots. It is important that it was shiny and smooth, with raspberry cane buds. For planting, you cannot choose frozen or dried root. Leave it in warm water for 5 hours, then divide into several parts. To avoid fungal diseases of the root, it must be cut clean with a knife, and the edges must be treated with a weak solution of potassium permanganate.

No less attention should be paid to the ground ginger. It should be easy, soft and loose. The pot is better to choose low but wide. The ginger root should be placed in the soil horizontally to cut at the bottom. Next, cover it with a thin layer of soil (5 cm). To plant the root better in late winter or early spring, and after 8 months you can harvest. After planting, the plant will delight the first germination after 14 days.

How to care for ginger?

To gather a rich harvest of ginger from the window sill, you need to properly care for the plant. Before the first seedling pot with root put in dry and cool place, room temperature should be around +15°C. After that, choose ginger to warm and humid place but it is important that the plant does not get sunlight. Ideal option – the penumbra.

It is important to monitor the soil condition, it must regularly moisturize and prevent drying out. But excess water is detrimental for ginger root – it will rot. Also the plant should be feed with fertilizer rich in phosphorus and potassium, 1 every 3 weeks.


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