How to beat spring allergies

Come spring, the snow is gone, but the greens yet. And then in the air a lot of dust, because dust is not only cars and pedestrians, but also trees! During this period, many complain of seasonal allergies. How to recognize illness and make it easier for will cover in this article.

весенняя аллергия

Reaction to pollen doctors call hay fever. Interestingly, this disease is diagnosed in citizens several times more often than the villagers. The reason is the high pollution of urban air. Harmful substances in the air flow damage the shell of the pollen grain, released by the plant. Because of this, the concentration of allergens in the human environment increases.

Sometimes people confuse allergic reactions with a cold. However, to recognize hay fever is vital. Otherwise there may be complications, dangerous to life: autoaggression when the body’s own antibodies begin to destroy the organs (kidneys or mucous membranes).

The main differences between hay fever from a cold:

1. Tears. The common cold is a rare occurrence, but if allergies are a very common.

2. Discharge from the nose. Mucous discharge from the nose in hay fever – liquid and can be accompanied by itching and a burning sensation. Colds so-called «snot» thick.

3. Sneezing. Allergies often sneeze and superficial. With a cold sneezing is quite a rare symptom.

How to ease the condition and to treat hay fever:

1. First of all, the necessary diagnostics. To determine the allergen will help a skin test, which will help the doctor-an allergist to identify the plant, which reacts on the human body. According to the results of the diagnosis, the doctor will prescribe antihistamines.

2. Moving along the street in the spring, the eyes should be protected sunglasses, a nose – special umbrellas.

3. There are also products based on cellulose or clay, which when applied to the nasal mucosa to form a protective film that prevents the penetration of allergens in the form of small dust particles and pollen.

4. Good help and lavage of nose sprays, for example, based on sea water.

5. To alleviate the condition will help acupressure of the face near the nose and ears.

6. One of the radical measures include the injection of special drugs. But they relieve hay fever only a few years.

Spring fever Allergy thing is quite unpleasant, however there are ways of dealing with this disease, about which we told above.

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