Chocolate hair color: kinds of colors with pictures and the best paint

Picking up your way, women always tend to follow fashion trends, but now in trend natural. It concerns and hair colors, including. At the moment a very popular chocolate palette. Such amazing tones and noble look, and they fit almost everyone.

Hair color chestnut is not a trend

Modern technology has allowed manufacturers to significantly expand the palette. They now offer girls of color hair dyes in a huge range. The common chestnut, which many perceived as an ordinary brown, was replaced by chocolate palette. This color is more complex, beautiful, rich and bright. Chocolate paint will be able to do coloring with the effect of three-dimensional volume. Strands this shade will be different to play in the sun, in the shade, under natural and artificial light.

How to choose a hair color in chocolate colors

Professional paint give the opportunity to obtain almost any tone. The use of different pigments allows to give chocolate hair color cool dark, milk, caramel, brown or even ashy gray accents. Remember the main rules of choice of paint, otherwise you just get confused in such a variety. Selecting a tone, you should take into account your age, style, color type appearance. When choosing, consider color:

  • natural curls;
  • eyes;
  • skin.

Milk chocolate

A very versatile shade. Hair color chocolate suitable even for women types of «spring» and «summer», although they are advised to refrain from dark shades. Tone well matched with a pinkish-peach, olive skin. It is suitable for ladies, his eyes which are gray or blue. For women, type «winter» frosty chocolate color is considered ideal. To avoid it you should autumn the ladies with red tresses and freckles, brown or hazel eyes.

Dark chocolate

It is perfect to owners of a bold appearance. Hair color dark chocolate accentuate the merits of the fair-skinned ladies, which nature has given a thick volume curls, expressive green or dark brown eyes. It is worth noting that this shade you should choose those women who used brightly painted, otherwise the face will be expressionless.

Bitter chocolate

Most shade will fit the classic representatives of the color type «winter»: fair-skinned with dark brown from nature curls, gray eyes. It will give the image of extravagance. On the background of the chocolate strands of leather will look even whiter. It is recommended this color to choose and beautiful appearance of the southern type. Chocolate color hair in this situation will look very natural.

Light chocolate

It’s a warm shade that is more suited to natural blondes. In their locks he will play for real. If the girl skin is light but not pale, and eyes grey or blue, then it can safely be painted in light brown. It can give a pinkish, ashy, caramel. On the curls that shade looks great classical highlights or lightening a few random strands of hair.

Chocolate caramel

This color resembles milk chocolate, but more of a bright red notes, which is especially noticeable in the sun. Now this tone is incredibly popular. It is perfect women soft «autumn» type, with a nutty eyes, fair-skinned, but without the freckles. If you have a contrasting appearance, from chocolate-caramel tones should be abandoned. The shade looks good on girls with dark or bronze skin.

Warm chocolate

This dark brown hair color. Sometimes to distinguish it from pure black succeeds only in bright sunlight. Suitable «winter» girls with porcelain skin, cold gray or gray-blue eyes, the dark colour of the strands. This will give a tone of extravagance of the young women, but the ladies at the age of should be more careful with him. Girls «summer» and «spring» types better chocolate hair color do not use if it is so dark.


Great color, bright and original. In the sun it gives a copper shade, which gives extra volume. Perfect chocolate-ginger girls type «autumn», whose emerald-green, amber or hazel eyes, a face with freckles and a barely noticeable tan. Color perfect mask results highlighting bad or uneven coloring, well evens the tone.

Chocolate blonde

Resonates with caramel and even similar to Golden-brown, but cooler. Shade close to ash, light gray. It will suit girls with delicate appearance: the skin is pink or olive, blue, light-green eyes. Best shade rests on a natural light complexion. The representatives of the «winter» type, it is better to pay attention to more dark shades.

How to choose a hair dye for your color

To make the right choice, remember the following tips:

  1. Chocolate hair shades are obtained the same as pictured on the box with paint, if the girl is natural blonde or light blonde curls. If you have had staining or toning before, the result may be different. It will depend on how you will interact with the pigments of different colors.
  2. If you have curls at least a shade darker than the paint purchased, the effect can not be achieved. Maybe the colouring just gives them extra sparkle.
  3. In order not to upset after a radical change of color, first try to paint a section of your hair. View a selection of photos of women with your desired shade.
  4. If you want to get a cold a noble tone, choose dark chocolate hair color.
  5. The lighter your natural hair, the more will need to paint the roots.
  6. If you have previously been painted in black, red, red tones, and now want to go into the chocolate, first give a wash in a professional barbershop.
  7. All the chocolate colors look good on the strands that were previously highlighted. You can safely move away from lightening hair.

The selection of hues on the color type:

  1. «Winter». If you are fair skinned, with dark curls and bright eyes, the ideal option would be for you dark chocolate with black tint, steel Shine. It is important to choose the right makeup for such a way.
  2. The «spring». Natural curls Golden, ash. Skin pink or peach, eyes can be any color, but only light. Great as girls, perfect milk chocolate, moderately dark. To dilute it, combine with a classic weave. It is advisable to paint the eyebrows in a single tone with the hair.
  3. «Summer.» Representatives of this type are usually brown, gray-eyed, with light olive skin. They will suit both warm and cool shades of chocolate.
  4. «The fall». Women with natural ruinkai strands. Their eyes are green or hazel, and skin is fair, often freckled. Them with care to match the color. By far, the kind of girl perfect chocolate-red.

Chocolate shades of hair dye

See the table, what products well-known companies have the best reviews:


The manufacturer, the name of the paint tone

Milk (cold) chocolate

  • L’oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss, bleaching powder paint-care — tone 603;
  • Wellaton resistant cream paint — 6.73;
  • Loreal, Casting Creme Gloss, bleaching powder paint-care — 515;
  • Garnier Olia — 4.15;
  • Garnier Color Sensation 7.12 6.0;
  • Syoss Oleo Intense — and 5.86 4.60;
  • Estelle Essex – 7.71 and 7.77.

Dark chocolate

  • Schwarzkopf Palette – W 2;
  • Syoss Color – 3.8;
  • Crash – 4.0;
  • GreenLight Luxury Hair Color – 6.8;
  • Million Color Schwarzkopf – 3.65;
  • Garnier Color Naturals – 3.23;
  • L’oreal Prodigy – 3.0;
  • Brelil Prestige Gel — 4.38.

Bitter chocolate

  • Brelil Shine Gel, shampoo gel – 4.38;
  • Schwarzkopf Palette Perfect Care – 800;
  • Estel Professional Color Only – 7.32;
  • Estel Professional Celebrity – 6.76;
  • Wellaton – 6.77;
  • Syoss Mixing Colors – 1.18;
  • Tonic shampoo – 3.01;
  • L’oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss – 403;

Light chocolate

  • Brelil Prestige Gel – 5.18;
  • Brelil Gel-Shine – 5.38;
  • GreenLight Luxury Hair Color – 7.8 and 8.

Chocolate caramel

  • Wellaton – 8.74;
  • Barex Permesse – 7.8;
  • KC Professional Luxima Browns – 4-6.74.

Warm (hot) chocolate

  • Garnier Color Naturals – 5.25;
  • Wella Coleston Perfect — 4.77;
  • Schwarzkopf Palette – LW 3;
  • L’oreal Paris Sublime Mousse – 535.


  • Constant Delight Trionfo – 6.68;
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal New – 6.68;
  • Constant Delight – 4.68;
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance – 5.68;
  • Garnier Color Sensation – 6.35.

Chocolate blonde

  • Revlon Professional Revlonissimo NMT High Coverage – 6.25 and 4.25;
  • Brelil Gel-Shine – 7.18, 6.18 6.38 and;
  • Brelil Prestige Gel – 6.38;
  • Indola – 9.82, and 9.83;
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal – 9.65;
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Royal Absolute AgeBlend – 9.560, 9.60;
  • Schwarzkopf Igora Vibrance – 9.65.

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