Where is «Run» in Windows 10

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Many novice users have received the update to Windows 10 from 7-Ki, asking where is Run in Windows 10 or how to open it’s dialog menu, as in the usual place on the start menu, unlike the previous OS, it is not.

Despite the fact that this statement could be limited to one way is to press the keys Windows logo key-Windows) + R on keyboard to open «Run», describe some of the ways to find this element of the system, and all the novice users I recommend to pay attention to the first of these methods, it will help in many cases when you do not know where something is familiar to you in Windows 10.

Use the search

So, method number «zero» was listed above — just press Win+R (the same method also works in previous versions of the OS and probably will work in the following). However, as the main method to launch the «Run» and any other things in Windows 10, the precise location where you don’t know, I recommend to use search in the taskbar: in fact, he’s made for this purpose and successfully finds what you want (sometimes even when it is not known, as it is called).

Just start typing the desired word or combination in the search, in our case «Run» and you will quickly find the desired item in the results and will be able to access this item.

Moreover, if you click the right mouse button on the found Run, you’ll be able to pin it to the taskbar or a tile on the start menu (on home screen).

Also, if you select «Open folder with file», open the folder C: Users User AppData Roaming Microsoft Windows Start Menu Programs System Tools which is the shortcut for «Run». From there you can copy it to your desktop or anywhere else to quickly launch the desired window.

Run in the start menu of Windows 10

In fact, the «Execute» item remained in the start menu, and the first ways I gave to pay attention to the search capabilities of Windows 10 and OS keyboard shortcuts.

If you need to open the Run window via the start menu, just click on Start, right-click and select the desired menu item (or press Win+X to bring up this menu.

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Another location to Run in the start menu of Windows 10 — the usual click on button, All application — Windows Service — Execute.

I hope ways to find this element I provided enough. Well, if you know an additional — I will be glad to review.

Given the fact that probably you are a novice user once you have reached this article), I recommend reading my instructions in Windows 10 is very likely you will find answers to some other questions that may arise when getting acquainted with the system.

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