How to teach a child to forgive?

The ability to forgive is one of the most important qualities of the human person. But still, to forgive wholeheartedly even an adult is very hard. We often carry in their heart the resentment that eat away at our soul from the inside out, forever remaining pain points. Therefore it is very important to instill in your child the ability to forgive, to boldly and freely to move on in life.

 Как научить ребенка прощать?

In today’s reality to teach children to forgive the offenders is not very popular — is exactly the opposite, it is customary to teach them to «give change». But the desire to answer violence with violence leads to increased conflict.

The ability to forgive others is the basis of all interpersonal relationships in society. The child learned not to hold a grudge against others, you must give him a personal example. In early childhood, depending on the reaction of their parents, children learn to respond to the world around us.

If you are on a personal example will demonstrate that to resolve any conflict situation is not difficult — it will enable your children to understand how forgiveness is necessary in life and communication with other people. Your children (whether they are young or teenagers) always need to apologize if they hurt someone. The words «Forgive me» should not become for them an empty phrase, or a way to avoid punishment, they must be felt by the child.

It is believed that most frequently exposed to the insults of the children growing up in single-parent or large family. But this erroneous misconception, which is akin to the stamp. In reality, the family structure is not as important, and rather plays not the primary role in this issue. More touchy impressionable children and children with a weak nervous system, and kids experiencing attention deficit from parents.

Helping your children realize the need and value of forgiveness, you should, first of all, to instill in them respect for others, to show that they are all different, but it is valuable. Children need to fully master the art of empathy, responsibility and justice. Teaching your children forgiveness, you help them in future to better adapt to society and just become good people.

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