Struggling with a sedentary lifestyle

A large percentage of the population of our planet is immersed in the work. And the work is not physically active, and passive, which involves sitting position. In addition, a person most of the time it sits.

Боремся с сидячим образом жизни

While driving, in buses, work in the office, at home, watching TV or playing computer. This lifestyle can lead to many problems: health problems, fullness, headache, poor motor skills, poor metabolism – all this and more can be purchased if to sit constantly. This must be addressed, but how? There are several productive and simple tips on the subject.

1. You can do fitness or aerobic. To purchase a subscription to the gym or the pool will not be difficult, especially if you live in a fairly large city. Such places can be visited with family, with husband or with friends. This will give a positive, and not one is easier to study.

2. Can be limited to a few suitable exercises which can be done at home or during break at work. See what exercises you need to perform, can the world wide web. What it can be exercises? For example, the squat, the head turns, the mill and many similar.

3. Running or brisk walking. It is not necessary to specifically go for a jog in the morning or evening, although it wouldn’t be so bad! But you can do otherwise. For example, if you live in an apartment building on the 5th or 8th floor, you don’t need to wait for the Elevator, go on foot, especially the lifts can be life-threatening. And this daily lift is very diversifies your sedentary life.

4. No need to constantly moving the work around the house to give her husband or children. Take out the garbage yourself, go to the store, walk the dog. It will refresh you, and will help to get rid of excess eaten at dinner calories.

5. Dancing! Remember youth, eternal discos and dances. Now you dance only at parties once a month, and then perhaps ashamed of someone. What prevents to dance at home? If you turn on your favorite music from the past, then you will not notice that go to a dance. And the dance, whatever it was — always a good way to move actively. And it is very uplifting and revitalizing.

6. Pay a lot of attention to the furniture on which you sleep or relax. They must meet all medical guidelines.

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