Architectural design

The majority of citizens are tired of the rapid rhythm of life in the big city, his stupid vanity. They want to be somewhere near the forest, on the banks of the river or lake. And having a small cozy house. But you need to remember that any construction necessarily begins with the project.

Архитектурное проектирование.

Successful projects

In this article we will not consider the possibility of project selection and architectural design of the building for people with high incomes, businessmen and so on. For them can run a separate design Bureau and institutes of architectural design in different parts of the world. But for the average citizen the best decision when choosing a project for construction a country house – a visit to the nearest project office. There he will show not only the projects but the pictures of the houses built on specific drawings. If you have photos to hold informed choices much easier.

In this article, we recommend you to stay at cozy domka with a loft. This decision is justified in many ways. But then we definitely need to do some work on the choice project. After visiting the project office with the choice of a certain design of the building in a hurry is not worth it. Now we need to walk slowly to nearby countryside towns and chat with the owners of such buildings. To know their opinion about specific features of their houses, their advantages and disadvantages. After all, once the country house is built, to choose something new we will not be able.

Here we must remember that the employees of design bureaus are interested in the speedy sale of the project. Therefore, to succumb to their pressure for a quick purchase is not worth it. After all, the fix incorporated in the project shortcomings in the future almost impossible.

The General trends of the projects of these buildings provide for the placement of the kitchen downstairs and rooms and bedrooms on the upper floor. If you want to stay in this building, elderly people, for them this arrangement can be inconvenient. That is at least one room in this case you need to design the below. Today architectural design occurs in several stages:

  • creation of sketches and according to the preferences of the customer;
  • selecting one particular option and prepare its drawing;
  • the adjustment of the project with the customer;
  • selection of materials;
  • construction.

For many projects, a characteristic feature is the exit from the attic to the balcony. This is a very nice and pleasant. But this design significantly increases the cost of the entire project. Therefore, it is best to provide access to open space.

The choice of Foundation

The presence of the building is not big enough and solid Foundation – a direct path to the shrinkage and disruption of the integrity of the house in the future. This leads to occurrence of distortions and cracks. At the same time, the Foundation is quite expensive. Therefore, too much Foundation is a significant rise in the total cost of all work.

Large size basement leads to the necessity of creating a stairs to entrance on first floor. This design is quite uncomfortable for older people. Therefore, the size of the input cap and design you need to consider with regard to these details. For young guests would be enough to stay the attic, and facilities for older residents need to consider beforehand. Thus, the Foundation we build and think through in advance. Many construction professionals believe that the Foundation mounted before major work needs to stand for at least six months of the year.

The choice of material for the walls

The modern construction industry provides a choice of material. You can choose modern foam and sandwich panels, and you can use the traditional Adobe, wood and brick.

All materials have their advantages and disadvantages. To read more them to learn, have a leisurely chat with the owners of private houses built from these materials. But for our project is an acceptable use of the combined buildings. In this case, the first floor being built of more durable brick or stone. But the top attic can be made of wood or sandwich panels to facilitate the total weight of the building and reduce the cost of the installation of the Foundation.

The advantages of such a building

If you choose as a project house with an attic, then you get certain advantages. They are especially important for plots with a small total area. In this case, there is no need to bear the costs of the overlap. At the same time living area of the house gives you the opportunity without stress place families and guests if they will come to you.

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