Down sleeping bags

Пуховый спальник

Pooh is undoubtedly the best insulation, especially in relation to this parameter as the weight. It weighs less than any synthetic fillers. They filled the space contains a lot of air, which reduces heat loss. In addition, Packed in a compression bag down sleeping bag takes up minimal space – much less of a sleeping bag with synthetic filling.

The advantages and disadvantages of down sleeping bags

Usually for filling sleeping bags use fluff waterfowl, which has a natural lubricant, anti-moisture absorption. The most expensive and perfect in every way down – eider. A little less expensive and much more common is goose. And another fluff, much inferior to the first two is a duck.

Advantages of down sleeping bags:

  • maximum insulating properties with minimal bulk down inside the sleeping bag;
  • the ability to strong compact – compress-bag with a down bag has a miniature size;
  • sleeping bag made of down is much more pleasant to the touch and softer, it is easy to breathe and sleep just fine;
  • with proper maintenance, timely drying down sleeping bag and carefully use, it will last you for years to come.

The disadvantages of a down sleeping bag-blankets:

  • it must be carefully protected from moisture, since contact with rain or spilled liquid, it instantly loses its insulating properties;
  • to dry a soaked down sleeping bag in the field is not easy, there’s more in winter conditions;
  • the cost of down sleeping bags is significantly higher than its synthetic counterpart;
  • at damage of a fabric of the sleeping bag, he quickly fails because the fluff out it crashes instantly.

Tips for novice travelers

While collecting in the campaign, you need to consider its complexity and future conditions. If this summer will be a simple hike or fishing on the banks of the river, you need a light synthetic Пуховый спальникsleeping bag. It costs little, takes up little space.

But if you have a serious hike with night temperatures below +10 º C note on a good down sleeping bag. It will warm you well, also not much heavier your backpack.

In the wet mountains, especially if the tent will have a lot of people, you’ll be a good combo feather and synthetic sleeping bag. Even when wet this sleeping bag will not stop you warm.


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