Hormonal disturbance in women — symptoms, treatment

Нарушение гормонального фона у женщин - симптомы, лечениеSymptoms of hormonal disturbances in women are so varied that doctors often take them for gynecological violation. It is also worth noting that not always the girls regard the signs of such phenomena as the reason for seeking treatment and expect that they will disappear. Let’s take a closer look at the symptoms of hormonal disturbances in women and stay on treatment.

Which may indicate a hormonal failure in the body?

First and foremost, the failure affects the reproductive system. Often the girls are marked menstrual irregularities, resulting in the increase in the duration of menstruation, changes in their volume and start time. As a rule, this situation in most cases and makes you go to the doctor.

Also to the signs of violation of the hormonal levels in women include a sharp change of mood, which however is accompanied by increased irritability nervousness.

Often the failure of the hormonal system, women learn to change the numbers on the scales. In most cases there is an increase in body weight, due to intensive growth of adipose tissue under influence of hormones.

The decline in sexual libido can also be regarded as a manifestation of hormonal failure in the body of a woman. Often in such cases, girls are blamed on poor health, which in this case is the consequence, not the cause.Нарушение гормонального фона у женщин - симптомы, лечение

How to treat hormonal disturbances in women?

First and foremost, before you can treat the violation of hormonal background in women, the physician should establish the cause that led to the change. So often failure is the result of prolonged hormonal therapy.

However, at the same time and drug therapy disorders, which is based on hormones. Among them can be called a sore throat, it, Diane-35, etc. the Duration of intake, dosage and frequency of use of drugs chosen by the doctor individually.


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