The size of the egg

Размер яйцеклеткиFemale reproductive system arranged fairly easy, but every representative of the beautiful half of humanity should at least have a superficial knowledge about the functioning of this sphere of the organism.

Many girls, especially those who are faced with the problem of infertility have probably heard about the importance of female egg size, indicated in millimetres, which in the different phases of the menstrual cycle is mixed. This is a really important setting, that’s just the terminology, inhabitants, an error occurs.

In fact, the term «size of a Mature egg of the woman» is nothing like the size of the follicle, which is in the egg. He increases with the menstrual cycle and changes the following with the help of ultrasound machine. To understand this, you need to know what size the egg in women – and this is no less than 0.12 millimeters.

The egg is the largest cell in the female body, in comparison with it all others are just microscopic. For example, the size of the sperm, through which fertilization takes place, almost 85 thousand times smaller.

What determines the size of the oocytes inside?

In the ovary, there are small transparent blotches of sleeping until then, until puberty. Every month one of these points (the follicle with the egg) increases in size and eventually bursts, releasing the egg to meet with sperm.

The size of an egg, or rather, the follicle changes according to the days of the cycle. That is, its growth is influenced by hormones. In the first (early phase) begins to develop multiple follicles, but at a certain point, one of them outpaces the rest and when it reaches a size of 15 mm, we can already talk about his dominance – he is called the dominant follicle. The rest of the reverse development (atresia).

Размер яйцеклеткиThe follicle is increasing all the time (about 2-3 mm a day) and these changes are visible in the dynamics with the observation by the ultrasound examination. In the middle of the cycle, i.e. during ovulation, the size of the egg follicle and the maximum is 18-25 mm in diameter. At this time it burst and released the female reproductive cell is ready for fertilization.

But what size is the fertilized egg, it is possible to learn from the same verdict ultrasound. Immediately after fertilization, it increases slightly – only 0.15 mm. cell Division is constantly happening inside the egg increases by a few tenths of a millimeter every day, and by 6-7 weeks experienced gynecologist may find an enlarged uterus by palpation.


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