How much should the baby sleep in 6 months?

Сколько должен спать ребенок в 6 месяцев?The necessary duration of sleep during the day in a natural way decreases with each month of baby’s life. Meanwhile, the need for rest in young children are still much higher than adults, because babies get tired very quickly, although not aware of it fully.

So, a child who is too severely overworked, becomes unusually cranky and irritable, but despite this, you will not be able to sleep independently. If such episodes will be present in the baby’s life too often, it will start to lag behind in development from their peers and, in addition, it can cause certain health problems.

A young mother must understand when it comes the time in which a baby should be put to sleep. Of course, the body of each baby is individual, but there are still certain regulations of duration of stay for each age, to be followed at least relatively. In this article we will tell you how much will the baby sleep at 6 months, in order not to experience the discomfort associated with fatigue throughout the day.

How much should a baby sleep at 6 months?

The total duration of stay of six months toddler during the day, normal is between 14 to 15 hours. Meanwhile, this value may be slightly more or slightly less depending on the individual needs and characteristics of the organism of a tiny organism.

The lion’s share of the total duration of night sleep. Typically, it lasts about 11 hours, but this does not mean that the baby can sleep such a long period of time and not Wake up at the same time. Almost all the kids at the age of 6 months get up 2-3 times a night or even a little more to eat. In addition, kids can bother proizvoditsa teeth and other problems deteriorating the quality and reducing the duration of night sleep.

The duration of sleep in the daytime usually is about 3.5-4 hours, but it was at this time in life crumbs there comes a transition period when it is rebuilt with one day of rest to another.

How many times have sleeping baby in 6 months day?

Before the start of the second half of life the vast majority of infants have to lay for a NAP 3 times. Meanwhile, after the execution of 6 months, many kids are not required as often to rest. Boys and girls gradually begin to adjust to a 2 day rest, and the duration of each is between 1.5 and 2 hours.

To study in detail how much sleep a child up to 3 years and, in particular, in 6 months you will assist in the following table:

Сколько должен спать ребенок в 6 месяцев?

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