How to write a complaint on a doctor?

Despite the achievements of world medicine in the treatment of some deadly diseases, modern medical techniques and effective drugs in the hospitals of our country still meet the doctors-Amateurs. The Hippocratic oath, given to them in the old days, in no way applies to medical errors that often make doctors of local clinics. Of course, most of them recognizes his mistakes and tries all means to fix them. But what if the esteemed doctor refuses to realize the mistake? How to write a complaint on a doctor?

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Sample complaints against the doctor of a polyclinic or hospital

Under the law, any message sent by the citizen to the appropriate authority, shall be considered within 30 days of receipt. In this case, if the appeal does not contain the return address of the applicant and his / her name and surname, it is not to be considered and classified as anonymous. Thus, making a complaint against the doctor, be sure to include your address and full name Otherwise your actions will be meaningless, and the complaint will not be considered.

As such, the standard in the drafting of complaints against doctors of medical institutions does not exist. Treatment can be both hand written and printed on A4 paper. In addition, modern technologies allow to make a complaint through the official website of the hospital or a special form on the website of regulatory bodies, in particular the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation.

So, an example of a complaint for the doctor as follows.

  • The first part of the document includes the name of the authority or the full name of the hospital where the treatment of the personal data of the applicant (address, telephone, name).As a rule, if the applicant applies to the chief doctor of the hospital, then in the upper right corner is indicated by its position: «the chief doctor of the Central city hospital Ivanov I. I.». If you don’t know the name of the physician, it is enough to specify the full name of the hospital.
  • In the second part of the document indicates its type (complaint, claim or Declaration), as well as the essence of the problem. In the text of the appeal you must describe the following:
    • what happened to you;
    • time and place;
    • whom and what rights have been violated.

    Remember that the complaint against the doctor must be given all of the circumstances and consequences of the conflict with the doctor. Report only the facts, avoid emotions and not display them on paper. Described in circulation facts can be confirmed by various documents (epicrisis, doctor appointments, bills, contract for medical services). This is necessary to specify the name of the doctor who violated your rights.

  • The third part includes the essence of your claim and signed. As a rule, most of the applicants require to understand the above issue and to take action against the perpetrators. This phrase is enough to the hospital’s chief doctor has begun to act. If the complaint attaches a number of documents, it is necessary to specify their number and name:

    «Annex: the contract for medical services on 3 l. in 1 copy;

    epicrisis CRH in 2 l. in 1 copy.»

    At the end of the document the applicant puts his signature and indicates the date.

  • to content ↑Where to file a complaint on doctor’s?

    Having dealt with the above problem, it remains only to figure out where to file a complaint on the doctor. Undoubtedly, the first instance in which to apply the citizen to appeal, is the head of the medical organization where the doctor is violating his rights. In medical institutions the head is the chief doctor. On this basis, applications are sent to his address.

    According to the law on citizens ‘ appeals, a complaint may be filed personally or through the mail. In addition, modern technologies allow to apply to the head of the medical institution through the official website hospitals, ministries and state services. But only in the first case, citizens need to write the address in two copies, one of which must be a member of the seal of the medical institution on the acceptance of the appeal for consideration, registration number and signature of the Registrar. Often the hospital side and the doctor «loses» the applicant’s complaint. In addition, if the appeal is sent by mail, you must save the receipt for sending the letter.

    Over a month has passed since the registration of the treatment in the hospital, and a written response you did not receive? Feel free to contact the office of public Prosecutor with the complaint as the chief physician and the doctor who violated your rights. The office is the supervising authority and gladly considers such treatment of citizens. However, a greater effect will have an appeal to the Ministry of health of the region. On the websites of the Ministry of health provides forms of address through which the applicant can file a complaint. If you can not send your application electronically, you must make the appeal on paper on the above template and send it to the Ministry.

    Of course, there are other instances to solve the problem, whether the court, the Federal service for supervision in the sphere of health and social development or the compulsory medical insurance Fund. But, as a rule, most of the problems solved within the medical institution.

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