What distinguishes the Northern from the southern hemisphere?

In geography there is a conventional division of the Earth into hemispheres. Consistent with its location relative to the equator (dividing line) they are called North and South. Each hemisphere has its own characteristics. Consider what distinguishes the Northern hemisphere from the southern.

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Hemisphere on the map

The equator encircles the Earth, crossing Eurasia, Africa, and South America. Each of the remaining continents are located entirely in one of the hemispheres: North America – North, Australia and Antarctica in the South.

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Analyze point by point, what is the difference between the Northern hemisphere from the southern.

  • The temperature at the poles. Despite its name, North pole is less severe compared to the Southern. What is the explanation? The fact that the area of the North pole is ocean, and the area South – Antarctica. The water is below the level and conducts heat, unlike solid rising continent.
  • The movement of air masses. In the southern hemisphere the rotation of arising of cyclones is clockwise, while anticyclones in the opposite direction. Air flows in the other hemisphere are spinning opposite.
  • Times of the year. While in the Northern hemisphere lasts for warm summer season in the South people have to survive the winter. As usual for us, the winter months is the summer on the other side of the globe.
  • Fauna. Each hemisphere has its own unique animals. In the North you can meet the walrus, polar bear, polar Fox. In South – kangaroos, hummingbirds.
  • The distribution of land and water. In the Northern hemisphere are concentrated vast tracts of land. It’s a big part of the total land area of the planet. A significant proportion of the other hemisphere is water.
  • The size of the population. What is the difference between the Northern and Southern hemisphere? That the inhabitants of the Northern hemisphere much more. In the South is home to only 10 % of the population.
  • Starry sky. In the field of view of the people residing in the Northern hemisphere, is a set of stars and constellations, different from that which is visible to the southerners. In particular, in the Northern hemisphere is an important landmark of the polar star, and in the opposite hemisphere the same value has the southern cross.
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