How to tie a St. George ribbon: methods and step by step instructions with photos and videos

Look carefully on the narrow ribbon, which consists of three black and two orange stripes that are associated with the smoke and flame of battle. She appeared in our country in 1769, together with the Order of St. George. For modern Russians it serves as a symbol of victory in the great Patriotic war. Expressing boundless respect for veterans, the sorrow of the fallen defenders of the Fatherland, we before 9 May decorate their clothes St. George ribbons.

Beautiful ways to tie a St. George ribbon

Before the Day of Victory, taking a small rag in hand, we’re a little lost and thinking how beautiful tie a ribbon, scrolling all sorts of options to make it look nice and festive. Some clearly defined rules here. Ways to tie a symbol of victory, there are many. Show imagination, you may invent your own, exclusive way and create an elegant bow with their hands.

Loop or tick

We suggest to familiarize with the simplest method of tying the ribbon, available to everyone.

  • Put the ribbon in front of him on the table.
  • Fold it in half.
  • One end of pull up to become shorter.
  • Pull it slightly to the side. Turned out the tick.
  • To get a loop, slide the end lying on top of the ribbon up a bit. The loop needs to be big, but not too small.

A simple bow

You don’t know how to tie a St. George ribbon bow? There is nothing complicated. Tying St. George ribbons in a bow is often used by schoolchildren and veterans, and does not require any special skills.

  • By the above method do a big loop.
  • On the other hand doing the same loop.
  • Crossed both sides of the ribbon in the middle and fastened with a pin.

The graceful bow

Want to tie a St. George ribbon as something special, elegant and beautiful? Then a simple bow in a graceful turn.

  • Form a simple bow.
  • The middle of the bow tie with a rubber band.


St. George ribbon in the form of colorful butterflies will surely attract the admiring gaze. A little skill, and you will create this masterpiece in a few minutes.

  • Knit butterfly on weight will be uncomfortable, so put tape on any object that simulates the neck (pencil, finger). Make one end slightly longer than the other.
  • Cross the ends, the length must be short on top.
  • The long end of the bottom-up insert in the loop.
  • Fold in half short end to make a bow.
  • The long end, dragging through the loop, put on top of the resulting bow.
  • Fingers tightly fixing the bow, fold the longer end in half, then thread it into the loop from behind.
  • Spread the ends of the bow, pulling them to the side.


Very beautiful St. George ribbon in the form of a small tie. If you are not the first to tie a tie man, you will easily cope with this task.

  • Wrap the ribbon around the base so that the right end was longer than the left.
  • The right end of the overlap to the left and run under it crossways of the box.
  • Once again, wrap right end around the left and pull upward into the loop.
  • Pulling the end of the loop, insert the lug and tighten the tie.


You had no time to see on the lapel of a jacket the St. George’s ribbon, like lightning. But you do not even know how easy it is to do.

  • Without cutting the tape, fold it three times.
  • Drag the upper left end and lower right.
  • Fasten with pins the zipper to the garment at the bend.

The Letter «M»

This method is very similar to the previous one.

  • Fold the ribbon of St. George four times, put it on the table.
  • Drag the upper left end and lower right to get a kind of the letter «M».
  • Attach the letter received with pins to clothing.

How and where is best to attach St. George’s ribbon

Before the holiday of the great Victory we are the famous hand out the ribbons that we wore them with pride for their country. This should be done consciously and not by imitating others. Experience shows that not all people know how to tie a St. George ribbon. In your hands is not a fashion accessory, a symbol of valor, so it is not woven into the hair is not attached to the skirt or pants and do not cling to the bag. It needs to be at the top of the trunk, on the left side, closer to the heart.

The origin of the St. George ribbon harks back to the eighteenth century. But during the Soviet Union it has experienced a rebirth, in 1943 becoming a part of the order of Glory. He was awarded this order of warriors who have shown themselves to be real heroes of the great Patriotic war, accomplished the feat. And after the battle of St. George ribbon with cloves has become a permanent symbol of the victory over Nazi Germany.

If you eve handed a ribbon, think carefully where you place it. Mainly it attaches to a jacket or dress in the area where the veterans are of the order, that is, on the left side of the chest. Here also looks nice brooch of satin ribbons of St. George, made in the style of kanzashi. Wearing the allowed attribute to your wrist, tie it with a double knot. Drivers put colorful bows inside the car, or attached to the mirror, the antenna.

Do not use St. George’s ribbon as a hair tie or shoelace. Not knit it on the belt or on the collar of your dog. At least it is not ethical, but by and large – lack of respect to the memory of soldiers who defended their homeland from the Nazis and gave their lives for a happy future for their children and grandchildren. Treat the character with respect and explain the significance of the St. George ribbon to the younger generation.

Video tutorial: how to tie a St. George ribbon

Watch present at the Victory parade of people. True Russian patriots wear St. George’s ribbons, and they are tied in a variety of ways – a bow, a flower, a star, a nine, a serpentine. To make such a tape with your own hands will not work, it is better to buy in typography or store sewing supplies. Well, original to tie it, everyone can, with a little effort and imagination.

How nice to tie a bow or make a zip of the ribbon is described on many sites on the Internet, and even provided special scheme and video tutorials. One such master-class we prepared especially for you. It is recommended to consider a few lessons, to practice independently, and then the question is how to do with a symbol of military glory, will disappear for you once and for all.

Photo originally tied St. George ribbons

Beautiful, unconventionally tied St. George ribbon attracts attention, sets you apart from the crowd. Originality always decorated the person. But the secret is that no matter what way you tied St. George ribbon. If in your heart there is the pride for their country and gratitude to the veterans for their feat, the mere presence of this attribute on the clothing will greatly enhance the holiday atmosphere, will raise the Patriotic spirit.

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