On what syllable is the accent in the word «intention»

The correct formulation of the stress in Russian words is often problematic – especially when the radio and on television you can hear various options of pronouncing. The word «intention» emphasis is often put as second and third syllable. How do you correct?

На какой слог ставится ударение в слове «намерение»

The correct emphasis in the word «intention»

In accordance with the norms of the Russian language in the word «intention» the emphasis is on the second syllable – «intention». This akcentologija the norm recorded in all the dictionaries of the Russian language. Some reference books (e.g. dictionary «Russian word stress» edited by M. V. Sarvi) particularly warns against committing uproariously error, resulting in a popular but incorrect option accent «intention» with restrictive markings.

The emphasis will remain on the second syllable in all case forms, singular or plural:

  • good intentions,
  • had no intention to hurt anyone,
  • full of good intentions.

намерение - ударение и склонение

Why is the accent place in the word «intention» raises questions

The pronunciation of «intention» with the accent on the third syllable is considered a very gross mistake, issuing the low cultural level of the speaker and his illiteracy. To the same errors, serving a kind of «litmus test», include, for example, a wrong accent in the word «leisure» (leisure) or the use of the verb «lay down». Often, however, these errors in speech are very common and «tenacious».

In the case of the wrong accent «intention» played a role, and what exactly the word is pronounced by many prominent politicians and public figures (as examples, for example, or Yury Luzhkov, Grigory Yavlinsky). Experts on the culture of speech I believe that in this case speech can go about a professional «political jargon», when «non-standard» pronunciation of common words is a kind of «identification mark», a sign of belonging to a certain professional circle. However, it is the speech of politicians we hear on the radio, in the news and other programs, and «slang» accent rooted in the consciousness as the usual options of sound words.

However, the fact remains that in Russian literary language would be considered correct accent «intent» and the emphasis on the third syllable will be considered incorrect. Regardless of what role in the political life of the country plays talking.

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