Stevia — benefits and harms

Стевия - польза и вред

Nutritionists say that sugar and refined sugar – not the most useful products. From them follows or to opt out altogether or replace with something else: dried fruits, honey. And, you can choose one of the substitutes, that today you can find at any grocery store. The most popular is sugar from the stevia plant – a perennial plant, native to America. However, this culture is found in Russia, where it is widely used in the field of herbal medicine. But not everyone knows what are the benefits and harms of stevia and is it permissible to use it as an alternative to traditional sugar. To understand this issue by examining the properties of this drug.

The benefits and harms of natural sweetener from stevia

By itself, the stevia plant is a real treasure trove of valuable substances. For example, it contains vitamins A and C, b vitamins, vitamin D, Niacin, porcelain and calcium, potassium, magnesium, selenium, rutin, etc. quercetin In its pure form, this grass is able to exert a beneficial effect on the digestive tract, reproductive system, circulatory, urinary, has antibacterial properties, heals wounds, relieves inflammation, etc. of Course, a sweetener from stevia can not boast the same number of positive qualities, although it is made exclusively from vegetable raw materials and is referred to products that are identical to natural. The drug some other task – it retains the natural sweetness of the grass and its a safe neutral health status.

The use of stevia sweetener for the body lies primarily in the fact that with its help it is possible to completely abandon the traditional white sand and refined. Natural product dozens of times sweeter than sugar, it can be used not only in beverages but also add in confectionery, pastries, any other meals, including homemade preserves. This sweetener contains no calories and will not damage the figure, and overdo it harder, because dosing stevia tablets is much easier than to count sugars.

Sweetener from plant material is not addictive and has no side effects. Because in its essence it is not a synthetic substance and is not laboratory chemistry. It’s just the extract of a sweet herb which contains no additional ingredients.

However, besides benefits and harm from stevia can also be, so before you start to accept it, is to consult with your doctor. First, the drug in humans may be individual intolerance to this drug. Secondly, it is not always shown hypotensive, as stevia lowers blood pressure and may cause it to jump. Thirdly, this sweetener is to give patients with a reduced level of glucose in the blood, which may Стевия - польза и вред experience hypoglycemic stress.

The benefits and harms of stevia in diabetes

Natural sweeteners often recommended for patients with diabetes. It is much more useful than other drugs of synthetic origin. Stevia, has practically no contraindications and can be safely added to any food. It optimizes the level of glucose in blood and does not allow this substance to accumulate.

However, from the sugar of stevia in addition to benefit and may be harmful if the drug is abused. It can cause changes in blood pressure, tachycardia, as well as upset stomach and diarrhea when it is combined with certain products, for example, with milk.


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