Limonium latifolia

Кермек широколистный

Along with all favorite garden flowers, attracts with its aroma? there are little-known to a wide circle – such as limonium latifolia.

Its still called the limonium or statice – as you prefer. This amazing beauty of a fragrant plant, flowering from July to September may become the main thriving culture of this period, as the magic shaped bright blue flowers will not leave anyone indifferent.
Plant limonium latifolia is a perennial shrub, to a height of over 80 centimeters. Normally planted it immediately in a permanent place, but if you need a transplant, then perform it should be when the plant is not more than three years. In this case, the interference in the root system will be rescheduled.

Limonium is used for the decoration of the garden and create flower arrangements, where it perfectly complements the large flowers. Very elegant and unusual looks of the plant in dry bouquets, because it retains its original color.

The choice of location for planting

Like many residents of the flower garden limonium latifolia will feel great on a Sunny plot. But the quality of the soil it is not demanding and can grow on sandy, rocky and even acidified soils. Since the plant is hardy and can withstand a great temperature decrease, its winter don’t need to worry, choosing closed from cold winds place.


Limonium (statice) very not like much water – just occasionally to moisten the kidney, avoiding it drying out. Stagnation leading to spring snowmelt or during prolonged summer rainsКермек широколистный can lead to rotting of the root system and death of the plant. This fact should be taken into account when choosing a place for planting.


To limonium latifolium on his land by growing it from seed. Quality seeds are sown before winter to a permanent place. In this case, the plant will bloom for 2-3 years. To speed up the process in the spring to plant seeds in cups and with the onset of warm days to move to the garden. In this case, the bloom may already be for next year.


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