Iranian carpets

Иранские ковры

It is no secret that Oriental rugs are known all over the world, because of their quality and special pattern have already appreciated by many generations. In particular, Iranian handmade carpets are famous for the original drawing, soft cloth and special durability.

Modern Iranian carpets

Initially, all Iranian rugs were handmade. Actually today you have the opportunity to purchase completely unique and made by human hands thing. Coloring and selection of colors will remain the same, natural substances, strong knots and carefully selected threads. Each artist devotes much time to the pattern, carefully turning sheep’s wool into a work of art. Below we consider some facts that will be useful in the selection of Iranian carpets:

  • Relatively recently in the country had to introduce some innovations. Now there are manufacturers that offer Iranian carpets (machine-made). But usually we are talking about the mechanization of the process of cleaning, painting and the use of the spinning apparatus. Pattern, color and arrangement of the ornaments still completely individual work of the master. The design is applied to paper, divided into squares and the master is already on the sketch begins to build a picture.
  • As for material, most often used natural sheep wool, and that is the reason for the density and softness of the carpet, this makes it so warm. Dyed the wool with natural dyes, it is a vegetable with herbs, shell nuts and wood. To seal in color is possible by using citric acid or caustic soda. As a result, the carpet is completely safe, and the color remains bright and does not fade, not washed out.
  • The main centre of carpet art believe of Mashhad. It is the Iranian carpets from the masters of Mashhad at the time began to export, a bridge to Europe. Most often you will find patterns in blue, red shades. The entire series Mashhad has a special restraint and elegance.
  • Иранские ковры

  • But Iranian carpets from the brand «Abreshim» have a very thick viscous. For every square meter accounts for up to a million knots, making the rug almost eternal. The quality of the materials used fleece, and silk. The brand often uses natural shades of beige, red and rarely blue.
  • Even today, Iranian carpets (machine-made preserve tradition and pattern, you can determine what I wanted to say master. For example, an oval shape in the Central part symbolizes spiritual purity. And small patterns, like an intricate curls of ivy, symbolizing the tree of life.

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