Deep frost-resistant metal frame pools for the villas

Глубокие морозостойкие каркасные бассейны для дачи

Pool instead of the garden beds — this decision will be taken increasingly. When bought the cottage for a rest when in the back yard of a private house there is an empty seat, street frame pool to give sooner or later add to the list of acquisitions. We need to know about them before buying, and what parameters to pay attention, we will look at below.

Hardy frame pools for the villas

It is safe to say that hardy pools for cottages — quite a good compromise between price and durability. An inflatable is much cheaper but problems with them anymore. Concrete stationary design is much more durable, but will cost you construction more expensive, and, if necessary, to dismantle them would be problematic.

Deep frost-resistant metal frame pools for the villas consist of steel side parts covered with a special layer to protect. There are also ribs for rigidity and a wide edging around the top edge. Additionally you are acquiring the filtration system and chemicals needed for water purification. Well and further all is simple: in summer it is quite full pool, in winter it can be used as a skating rink. Will serve belief and truth of street frame pool villas for ten years.

As for the shape, we pay attention to the following points:

  • frost a rectangular frame pools for summer are always much stronger, since it holds the load more difficult, but to fix it on the hill or Глубокие морозостойкие каркасные бассейны для дачиany accessories easier;
  • have deep frost round frame pools to give the frame easier, since the shape better carries the load, but it takes up more space;
  • oval is always more expensive due to more expensive frame, but it easier to install in the prepared hole and make almost concrete pool.

Deep frame swimming pools for summer does not require special preparations for the cold weather. The design perfectly transfers as a strong frost and heat.


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