What is different about the overhaul from the reconstruction?

There are a number of features of legal interpretation processes such as repair and reconstruction. What to pay attention from the study? What is different about the overhaul from the reconstruction in terms of civil rights?

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What is an overhaul?

The repair from the point of view of the legislation of the Russian Federation is the Troubleshooting of an object (for example, used in the composition of fixed assets). It can be current or capital. Repair of the first type — the one that entails the removal of impeding the operation of the facility breakages or damage. Capital involves a costly or long-term activities, which aim to identify the maximum number of faults in the structure of the object and to eliminate them the most qualitative way.

To the current, generally accepted to include repairs, which is held once a year and more often. Capital is normally conducted much less frequently — unless otherwise required by the normative documentation on the different objects.

If requiring a reduction in the order of an object refers to machinery and equipment, its overhaul may involve the disassembly of the engine, replacing worn parts, checking the functionality of the object. The repair of a building or structure typically includes replacement of worn building structures more durable, as well as installation of new components allowing to improve the durability and life of an object or its individual components.

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Under the reconstruction of the Russian legislator understands the reorganization of the object, which is associated with the improvement of its consumer properties or an increase in productivity and capabilities useful life. As a rule, is made in respect of buildings and structures. Reconstruction is usually carried out in accordance with the adopted project.

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The main difference between the overhaul from the reconstruction is that in the first case before the owner of the object (e.g. industrial enterprise) is not fundamentally improve the properties of the corresponding object. The main thing — that it retains its functionality and had no damage.

Reconstruction is held to just the same improve the properties of the object. For example, if the building can be assumed to be increasing its area, the insulation and providing new utility infrastructure.

Defining the difference between major repairs and reconstruction, reflect the findings in the table.

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Is held in order to maintain the functionality of the object, and Troubleshooting
Is held in order to improve the properties of the object

Can be carried out in respect of any of the objects — machines, equipment, buildings and structures
Is mainly in respect of buildings and structures

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