The basics of the ketogenic diet

No carb diet not so long ago was at the peak of his popularity. But soon nutritionists recognize its harmful to health. A new trend among people who support this form became the ketogenic diet.

Основы кетогенной диеты

When losing weight
The feature of the ketogenic diet — a diet high in fat index. The ketogenic diet is today considered to be useful and healing the body. It is important to understand that the menus for such diets shall be prepared by the doctor individually.
The basis of the normal state of the body is glucose. Glucose cannot be manufactured by the body itself. Her body gets along with carbohydrate food. Reserve supplies of glucose are located in the muscle mass and liver, but this supply is very small (about the daily rate).
How to eliminate the lack of glucose
With a lack of glucose, the body can obtain it by breaking down protein. But if not, the body replaces glucose to ketones. Using ketones, the body works much better: faster there is a feeling of energy, the stimulation of the brain, stops disruptions in insulin production, stabiliziruemost muscle mass.
Ketones are produced by the liver with a low level of glucose. The basis of the ketogenic diet is a food with low carbs and lots of fats and animal proteins.
You can forget about attacks of hunger
Dietitian individually assigns the ratio of the PFC and the menu in General. All depends on the amount of muscle and body fat mass, calorie consumption, age, etc..
Prohibited products at the time of the ketogenic diet are cereals, fruit, some vegetables (potatoes, beets and carrots), flour. On the day of the ketogenic diet provided by the consumption of 200 grams of fresh vegetables.
Allowed foods are meats, bacon, bacon, bacon, seafood, fish, avocado, cheese, eggs, butter and unrefined oils.
It is important to know
The power supply circuit on a ketogenic diet roughly as follows:
• In order to completely withdraw glucose from the body the first day of diet hungry. You can drink water only.
• The next stage of diet — saturation of proteins and fats. It’s eggs, cheese, fish, nuts, avocados etc.. So you need to eat for 2-3 days.
• For the last 3 days of the diet introduces vegetables, meat, poultry and cheese.
The ketogenic diet usually lasts for a week. Repeat no more than three times in a row. For the first week you can lose up to 8 pounds.

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