What to prepare compost on the plot

Compost is needed in the gardens to improve soil structure, which increases fertility. Gardeners-fans can cook it yourself.

В чем готовить компост на приусадебном участке

In the operation of the household economy obtained a lot of waste, which are taken to the landfill, or sent to the compost mass. You can create a special area on the compost pile, build a pit – these options are least costly. For example, the pit just dug manually using shovels. For the collection of organics is also used the old leaky barrels or special plastic containers.

Some gardeners had their hands create bins for compost preparation. Such boxes typically have the following requirements. For proper maturation of the compost is necessary to ensure the supply of oxygen in sufficient quantity, which are performed in the construction of the vents.

Supply box with a lid – that way the nutrients will not leach from the mass during the rains and leave in the soil. This may reduce the value of the fertilizer. If the cover manufacturer does not want to expend energy, you can simply cover the design with a layer of polyethylene, but it should be properly fixed to not blown away.

Compost maturation occurs faster in the lower layers of the mass. When you create the box you need to take this into account and to provide convenient access to the bottom layer, for example, to provide removable Board.

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