How to teach a child to sing

A child is much easier to teach than an adult singing. This is due to the specific of the vocal apparatus at a certain age. The vocal cords of the child is thin and delicate and quite simply untrainable.

Как научить ребенка петь

Noticing the child’s great desire to sing, you must help him develop this skill. Because the child is very easy to teach singing, it is the power of parents. Of course, if parents have a musical ear.

There are several signs that you can understand that the child has the ability to the music trying to dance to the music, plays with rattles or other items to the music, trying to sing along with the expression tells poems. Of course, there are many different signs but the children sing and it is unclear if there is even such a manifestation of the desire to sing, then this definitely speaks about the abilities in music. The child’s hearing is good, and the combination of voice hearing may not be at all. But all this is acquired during the training.

Not necessary to load the child class with music and singing. These sessions should be interesting and entertaining, not to be a burden. Children’s ligaments are delicate and therefore get tired very soon, in this regard, first you need to do no more than fifteen minutes. To the child it was not too boring, can use bright pictures, toys and toy musical instruments.

How to teach a child to sing? First you need to understand what toys the child plays. Because toys should be not only fun, but also to help in development. If the child shows strong enthusiasm for music, you should buy toys on musical subjects: glockenspiel, toy piano, children’s songs to write to disc or USB flash drive. To teach a child singing, you should take into account the following tips:

You need to listen to children’s songs and try to play the melody. You can listen to some lines, stop, and sing without the music. Then sing the full verse along with the music, and then already without it. It is worth saying that the singing is separate from the music greatly develops hearing, of course, if mom and dad have good hearing and can point out the inaccuracies.

If the house is present any musical instrument, you should try to play it light things, and then ask the kid to sing this phrase syllable by syllable (for example, La-La). You can play on line with adults.

Very effectively learn to speak and tongue twisters, as it gives the development of diction. Still very useful to learn poems. To read them with expression and do not rush. Such classes may be taught from an early age.

If the child reaches for music, then you need to help him in this. Swiping these are the basic classes, the child will be developed in music, and later when he will be engaged in music school, it will be much easier to master.

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