How to hang roller blinds

To effectively make the box and to protect the house from the looks of strangers will help blinds. How to quickly and properly hang blinds, will cover in this article.

Как повесить рулонные шторы

Roller blinds are presented today in a large range. The salon offers a wide selection of colors and patterns. Suitable such paintings, for kitchens and living spaces. They will well protect the room, e.g. the bedroom, away from sunlight or too attentive eye of passers-by.

Mounted to the roll curtains can:

• on the window sash,

• in the window opening,

• on the wall.

Consider the whole process of fixing curtains.

First, collect the curtain. First of all, insert the chain control mechanism into the tube with the tissue roll to the right or left. From the opposite side, install the plug.

Next, insert hooks for attachment to the brackets, but until salcevica them to the end. For the layout of connected hooks and curtains with gathered chain mechanism.

To install blinds on the wall or in a window aperture applies it to the place of attachment and the level of mark up the attachment brackets.

On the movement side management brackets are attached to the wall with screws. Substitute the second bracket to the mark on the opposite side and fasten it also. Please note: the public part of the mechanism of management must be directed down.

After installing the snap hooks on the brackets until they stop.

Now the shutter is installed and a window it looks a lot more elegant.

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