How to create an artificial stream in the garden

The brook reflects the character of the owner and his Outlook. Boundaries of imagination to create a stream does not exist. It can quickly spring up and down on the nut, can flow slowly and slowly, can be direct, but can affect the frequency of its curves. Even more diversity exists in coastal and water plants, the stones, the mosses, but here already it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions and the nature of the stream.

Как создать искусственный ручей в саду

Before the decorative pond Creek has the greater advantage, because the water is alive, moving. Using the stream you can visually enlarge the area, to create waterfalls, connecting several ponds, if any.
The natural slope in the garden area much easier task of creating the stream, but on a completely flat surface with the aid of modern technology feasible to create water movement, it is necessary only to make a small mound of soil.
The formation of the rock garden, construction of small bridges, laying of the rocky bottom and ready Creek in the romantic style.
The Creek, done in art Nouveau style, will cost more, especially if the customer is attracted by the design of the garden metal and glass.
When designing the channel, be aware that they will need special materials that are designed to maintain the shape of the stream. Well suited for this role of film, and in rocky places it is better to cover the box with felt or geotextile. Since the stream is long, the pieces of film have to glue together special adhesives. If you do not want to work with film, you can use ready-made forms sold in specialized stores.
Also for the formation of the channel may need small gravel and lean concrete. If you want to create a waterfall that will be needed flat stones, and boulders and pebbles will be a good decor element of the stream.
The most important element of artificial stream is a pump, because it depends on him and the height of the surface of the water, and the speed of its movement. When calculating the pump power is taken into account as the width of the stream, and the water level relative to pond, from which it is pumped.
Very important the choice of hose. It is better to take the spiral and durable, with a diameter of 3/4 to 11/2 inch. This hose will not bend and will not shrink when digging into the ground. It connects to other hoses with simple connections for strength and secured with clamps of stainless iron.
When designing the length and width of the stream, you should consider the size of the site. After determining the beginning and end, is the trench. She may have slight differences due to which the sound of water gets louder. A good effect will bring small wetlands, which are created by deepening and widening the channel.
When the channel is already formed, next you should create a second trench, where to put hoses through which there will be a circulation of water. This trench needs to be as short as possible to keep the water from the pond to the source passed quickly and inexpensively.
Around the riverbed you can put plants, gets along well in a humid climate. The bottom is filled with small pebbles. If you put in the water, large boulders, will form eddies that will give the Creek a special beauty.


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