Folk remedy for rashes acne

Today there are many different ways of dealing with acne. Often traditional remedies are more effective where the best beauty treatments. In addition to excellent result, such methods are usually also much cheaper than salon.

Народные средства от высыпания прыщей

Some of them know enough many, but not all.

Recipes masks a lot. The mask of tomatoes is enough available, but at the same time effective. Make it easy: take one tomato of medium size, punch it down and put on your face for about 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Using this procedure can significantly improve the skin condition. If pimples are really a problem to do the mask to once every two days during the month. If rashes appear periodically and in small amounts, it should carry out the procedure 1-2 times a week as preventive measures.

With enlarged pores perfectly cope ice, or rather, rubbing the face with ice. To do this procedure in the morning, massaging the face for several minutes, trying to avoid the eye area. For acne good fit ice cubes of cucumber juice, broth of parsley or green tea. But you can use ice from pure water, it is desirable that it was mineral and non-carbonated.

Do not forget about alcohol compositions. Alcohol is known to dry the skin, and many now began to abandon such an effective means, as for example, tincture of calendula, salicylic acid and other analogues. To completely exclude such means do not need, they are ideal for local application. They can be great to dry pimples.

All this is just the basic recommendations. Of course, none of these popular recipes will not be able to cope with an acne problem alone. However, the above procedure is perfect for maintaining skin in good condition. To achieve the desired result, in most cases need the assistance of a qualified specialist. Because a professional knows about the imperfections of the skin a lot more, besides he is better versed in all cosmetic procedures. In General, the less we care about the condition of our skin, the less it imperfection.

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