Compatible plants

Combining different plants in planting can significantly increase the yield or, on the contrary, to lose it due to the fact that plants will suppress each other. Every gardener need to know is definitely.

Совместимость растений

Cherries with raspberries successfully take root, and will delight a lot of berries. Plant eggplants, Bush beans, it is able to deter the Colorado potato beetle. Savory too well accustomed. Bean well are the nearby cucumbers. A good location to plant them around the beds with cucumbers. You can also plant peas and other members of this family are potatoes, radishes, corn, spinach, radish. As the beans well feed with nitrogen.

Radish and radish can be planted next to the grapes. Parsley is actually a huge benefit. It revitalizes the vineyards, if the ones hit by phylloxera.

The same mutual aid can be seen in the planting of cucumbers with carrots, peas emitted by nitrogen perfectly enriches the latter. So they can easily coexist without interfering with each other to grow in the same bed.

If you want juicy and sweet strawberries, then plant between the rows of parsley. Its smell repels slugs, and the borage and sage will help to grow large and ripe.

Cabbage lovers should take note that dill planted between the rows well deters caterpillars and aphids and improves the taste. Celery also acts as a protector. From deters cabbage flies and excavation of fleas, but it attracts the cabbage white, so think before joint fit. Put more borage, having rigid leaves, she repels snails. But celery should not be next to cabbage to plant carrots, tomatoes and beans.

Potatoes, low-maintenance vegetable. Beside it can be planted almost all cultures. When the joint «stays» with other crops, potatoes it hurts less and gives more yield. Against the Colorado potato beetle will help Pima, Catnip and marigolds.

Onions and carrots should be put together. Onion neutralizes carrot fly, carrot and onion.

Also around the beds with cucumbers you can plant onion or garlic, so they will protect from bacterial. But beans with him to plant now, and sage.

Nuts plant apart from all cultures.

For many years corn, beans and squash planted together. Nitrogen soil enriched beans, pumpkin inhibits the growth of weeds, due to its broad leaves, covering the ground. Corn and protects from overheating.

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