Career guidance in school

Профориентационная работа в школеIn every educational institution today offers various career-oriented activities that help students to define their life purpose and to understand what they want to do in the future. Vocational guidance work is carried out even today in elementary school, although at such an early age propensities and preferences of children is not yet established and may see a dramatic change.

In this article we will tell you what is the content of professional orientation work in school with children of different ages, what tasks it performs, and what is the purpose of such events.

The organization of career guidance in school

At the beginning of the next academic year at each school prepare a detailed plan of career guidance, which reflects all upcoming events. In most educational institutions, business games, testing, and other activities aimed at identifying aptitudes and preferences of students are conducted in their spare time.

For conducting extra lessons for the purpose of motivating commonly meets the school psychologist, the Deputy Director on educational work, the class teacher and other teachers. In addition to these activities, actively involved parents of students, and high school students.

Classes on career guidance for the youngest children are usually fun games, during which the kids are introduced to different professions and are beginning to realize the importance and necessity of work as a whole. In turn, in high school, this work takes a much more serious nature.

In the compulsory program of professional orientation work in school with high school students includes the following elements:

  • the study of individual preferences and aptitudes of each student, identifying personal characteristics and interests;
  • assessment of physical parameters, stress tolerance and other psychological parameters of children;
  • the study of various fields of activity;
  • a study of the situation on the labour market;
  • help high school students in «finding themselves»;
  • Профориентационная работа в школеconducting business games, tests and psychological counselling in group or individual form.

The task of career guidance at school conducted by educators and parents, is to help each child to choose a future profession by the time of graduation, and to make it so that in a few years the graduate will not have to regret the decision.

Insufficient attention to students and teaching staff to career counseling can negatively affect the future life of the kids, so this area should be treated with the utmost seriousness.


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