Is it possible to get pregnant a month after childbirth?

Можно ли забеременеть через месяц после родов?When a period of prolonged abstinence after childbirth comes to the end, each couple wants to know if you could get pregnant a month after childbirth. After all, after four to six weeks resolved sexual relations, if we are talking about natural childbirth. But after the caesarean section will have to wait for a longer period.

What is the probability of getting pregnant a month after childbirth?

It has long been thought that as long as the baby is breastfed, the woman can not worry about the occurrence of the next pregnancy. Modern moms and now used on the image of their great-grandmothers, forgetting that the circumstances of pregnancy and birth has undergone significant changes, and rely on the lactational amenorrhea method should not be.

In normal, if the woman is breastfeeding with the same intervals between feedings, ovulation should not be, but practice shows that sometimes this happens and a new mom again is in the position, she is not expecting and not wanting. The slightest temporary disruption in the schedule of feeding can lead to pregnancy. Hence, the absence of menstruation – not evidence of lack of ovulation.

In order to block ovulation, it is necessary that the body was a sufficient amount of prolactin. This means that feeding should be on demand every 2-3 hours with night break of no more than 4-5 hours. Agree, what not all so it turns out, especially if little milk and the baby additionally offer the mixture from a bottle.

Можно ли забеременеть через месяц после родов?And the question is, is it possible to get pregnant a month after childbirth, mothers of iskusstvennomu generally not relevant, as in their body already ovulate, not suppressed by prolactin, in the absence of lactation. This means that as soon as the woman to start having sex after childbirth, from the first day she should be protected.

Now understand, after how many months postpartum you can get pregnant. This can happen as soon as you resume sex life partners. That’s why those who have not menstruation is often necessary to visit a gynecologist and conduct monthly pregnancy tests, but only in the absence of protection.


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