Long time cough in a child

Долго не проходит кашель у ребенкаChildhood diseases are unlikely to have passed at least one mother, and the most common among them are, of course, influenza and acute respiratory infections. One of the main symptoms of such diseases cough. It can be dry and wet, but usually after a week and a half the baby is recovering. But sometimes cough in a child is a long time, and parents don’t know what to do in this case. First of all, consider the reasons that caused it.

Why is a long time cough in a child: critical factors

To understand how to deal with a painful cough attacks, you should know what they can be caused. Among the causes of this condition include:

  • A wrong atmosphere in the home. The apartment may be too hot or dusty, so it is advisable to conduct a wet cleaning, it’s good to humidify the air, to clean away such dust as carpets or soft toys.
  • The baby’s not drinking enough, which leads to increased dryness of the throat and, as a consequence — to the reproduction of pathogenic bacteria. That’s why the cough the child often takes several weeks to complete.
  • Someone from your family members or neighbors smoke, which also causes irritation of the throat.
  • In your home often walk the drafts, so your little one before he could recover, maybe catch a cold again.
  • Your son or daughter the cough is allergic in nature, as reactions to wool or dust.
  • How to deal with a dry chronic cough?

    If the child has a dry cough persists for weeks, it is worth considering how to rectify the situation. To do this:

  • Carefully keep the air humidity was 40-60%. A great option would be a humidifier, but if not, you can do the wet towels that hung on the battery in the warm season, frequent washing of flooring and installation to a variety of containers with water for evaporation.
  • Consult your doctor who will prescribe special medication that turns a dry cough into wet: spray Aqua Maris., bad fever, the Flu, Efferalgan, Bronholitin, etc. If, according to the test results, was joined by a bacterial infection, antibiotics are prescribed.
  • A good result given steam inhalation with solution of soda or alkaline mineral water.
  • What to do with long-term wet cough?

    Often the child does not pass the wet cough. But this condition too can be overcome:

    Долго не проходит кашель у ребенка

  • Try to keep child warm (18-20 degrees) and clean. Large role played by humidity, which should be high enough to prevent the thickening of mucus in the respiratory system.
  • Ask the doctor to prescribe medication, thinning mucus and facilitate its expectoration: Mukaltin, Ambroxol, Ambrobene, etc..
  • Try effective folk remedy: mix equal proportions of pine buds, licorice, anise, marshmallow, sage, fennel. 8 g of herbal mixture pour 0.5 liters of boiling water and steep half an hour. Let 1 teaspoon 4-5 times a day.

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